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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Red Hot Kitchen

Asian, Restaurant, Asian Fusion

24950 Redlands Blvd

(909) 799-1382

Bryan C.
I was skeptical about how the food here would be. I thought, "Okay, they are totally gonna mess up Korean food and it will be more like a disastrous...read more
Gloria C.
What did one volcano say to the other? I lava Red Hot Kitchen! Come here frequently with co-workers and for the Loma Linda area... this is truly a great...read more
Stacy B.
THE BEST TOFU BURGER I HAVE EVERY EATEN! As a vegetarian, I never thought a big piece of fried tofu would be good in a burger, let me just say how wrong I...read more
Ony T. Q.
Jim Quayle checks in at a lot of places he has never been to so if you try & obtain mayor.... He will steal it back. He is retired.read more
Dave C.
I got the chimichanga. Everything looks and smells good I need to open somthing like this in Sacramento.read more
DJ🙉 T.
They have veggie chicken, veggie beef, veggie shrimp, regular meat, and tofu options.read more
Brad C.
Spicy Pork Chimichanga mmmmmread more
Joseph M.
Try the Bi-Bim Bap Burrito!!read more
Diane M.
Veggie chicken and veggie beef availableread more
Michael C.
Beef Korean barbecue tacos are amazing. Add the OMG sauce for extra kick.read more
Matthew S.
Ask for the OMG hot sauce!read more


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