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Rio Border Cafe

Mexican, Carry Out, Restaurants

330 Connecticut Ave.

(203) 855-9577


LightChick M.
My friend Arabella now thinks this is the best Mexican in the area. But, she hasn't been to Los Angeles or San Diego so she really doesn't know anything....read more
Crystal K.
mmm. greasy mexican food on hot plates with melted cheese on your refried beans. Almost Southern California mexican family restaurant perfection.read more
Jay W.
this place is closed :( I just tried to go there....read more
Karl B.
The chicken tacos and beef taco salad are delicious. Also, piƱa coladas are good but go down quick..read more
Erik A.
Great atmosphere. Good food. Worth visiting. If only for the Mariachi.read more
Always has great food, but make sure you check your mail for coupons!read more
Austin S.
For two, order at least a small pitcher of Margaritas. They are slightly too sweet, but good and strong.read more
Hill M.
Don't eat too much lolread more
Erica H.
Holy Shit! Literally. Absolutely worst service I have ever experience in the past 12 years. A piece of something resembling my dogs shit was in our chips and carmelo didn't do a thing.read more
Catherine D.
Kids love!!! It hereread more
Kristi L.
They have a BoGo coupon for Sun- Tue. This makes it extra worth it!!read more
Lindsay L.
Get the taco salad with grilled chicken. Margaritas are a must!read more
CT of C.
This place is worth hitting up!read more
Best fried ice cream ever!read more
Corey C.
Seafood Enchiladas are muy bueno!!read more
Pamela A.
Good and potent margaritas. Great staff.read more
carly m.
Raspberry Margaritaread more
Miguel A.
Hit up Carmelo for rocket fuel margaritas :)read more
Drew B.
Ask for queso con chorizo.read more


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