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Roanoke Inn

Happy Hour, Bar, Pubs

1825 72nd Ave SE

(206) 232-0800

Eric V.
Had the French dip: 3 of 5. Enjoyed the blue cheese side salad. I love the roanoke.read more
Tom S.
Wings of Fire are a must, they light up your mouth and your colon. But amazing!!!read more
Ask for fraiserread more
Evan T.
Friday special Fish n Chips are very good. Order your nachos with chicken and "upside down.". Sunday breakfast is a must!read more
Zach A.
Great ambiance, relaxing outdoor setting in the summer. Service was lackluster my first visit, and the burger was nothing to write home about. Apparently Sunday brunches are what they're known for.read more
Mark W.
Closest thing I've come to to a British Pub in the USA. Fantastic beer selection, a real beer garden and a porch of epic proportions looking out over Lake WA. Staff are super friendly tooread more
Don't get the breakfast burrito, worst then one from a fast food joint.....read more
Mayor Matthew W.
Old (for America) Inn on Mercer Island. Great rustic feel, lots of neon beer promotional kitsch adorns the interior.read more
Carlo M.
quick getaway for a beer with friendsread more
Chad K.
Drink the Full Sail it great!!read more
Gabriel H.
Ross is my hetero life-mate don't get any ideasread more
Jacquelyn H.
Perfect Saturday spot for a dawgs game!read more
Michael G.
The Historic burger may be the absolute best hamburger on the planet.read more
John L.
What a time capsule! This place really takes me back...read more
Local Hangout: The Roanoke is a great pub wedged into a nice, quiet Mercer Island neighborhood.\r You know the neighbors have been probably trying to get this place closed down\r for years, but they haven't been successful yet.\r Great place for lunch on…read more
Abbie B
Re: Great Place: This is my favorite place on Mercer Island and is a great stop after a soccer game or just a fun place to meet some friends. In the summer, you can sit outside. It is a little old house which has been around for years. They have great…read more
Kallie W
great little place!: My husband and I love to eat at the Roanoke on Mercer Island. Tucked into s little neighborhood, this historic little house has been situated on the same property since prohibition times. The story is, the bootleggers used to sit on the…read more
Bruce H.
The Best Neighborhood Watering Hole in Greater Seattle: There's a hidden secret on Mercer Island called the Roanoke Inn.Once an Inn for ferry riders crossing Lake Washington from Leschi to the island, the Roanoke has been in continuous operation since 1914...and feels like it.Reminds me of some…read more
Roanoke on Sunday afternoon: This is a great spot in the summer. You can sit in either the "beer garden" or on the porch. The owners have done a great job of preserving a "taven-like" feel with a Yuppie group of customers. Service can be slow but is friendly and…read more
Great place to meet men!: What a wonderful place! Plenty of well groomed young and middle aged men to look at. What they need is discrete bathhouse in the back. It's my new favorite gay hangout.read more
Where To Sit: There's an outdoor patio for enjoying Seattle's summer days with a beer in hand.read more
Nice watering hole: What an awesome little spot on little Mercer Island. Good menu, Drink choices and friendly service & great parking!read more
Know Before You Go: The Inn starts serving breakfast at 8am on the weekend.read more
The Scene
Working stiffs and millionaires stop off at this residential location for a Blue Paddle and some friendly ambiance. The Inn has been around for almost 100 years, long before Mercer Island became some of the priciest…read more
Cyndee S
Roanoke Inn is Wonderful: EXCELLENT food, service and history lesson! The Roanoke is a great place to grab lunch (you can sit outside in the summer). Not kid friendly, but food is sooo good, you will be back for more! Breakfast is great, too.read more


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