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5511 New Albany Rd W

(614) 775-1144


Chad B.
Being new to the Columbus area, I had never been to a Roosters until last Saturday. Some of my co-workers & I went for the OSU vs Iowa game. After being...read more
Christie H.
Ugh. I really don't like this place. The waitresses are always trying to flirt with my husband right in front of me. Seriously? No thanks. The food is...read more
Dave M.
So in the 90s one of my softball teams was sponsored by Roosters and we would go there after games on Friday night. I remember cold beer, good burgers and...read more
Randall W.
Healthy Choice is the best - olive oil for sauce, great toppings. Luv it!read more
๐Ÿป๐Ÿ€Travis D.
Check ur shit, cause they constantly fuck it up, especially if its to go!read more
Order some dry wings then drive to Bw3 get some good sauce and enjoy!read more
Craig "Meatstack" C.
The only place within 20 miles to get pizza for late lunch on sundayread more
John B.
Everything is delicious! The spicy potato cheese wedges are truly addictive.read more
Taylor O.
Mac and cheese bites are the way to go!! And mild traditional wingsread more
Rikki W.
Their service has improved! Can't go wrong with any of the Subs! Getting Captain Meatball tonight!read more
Nachos Deluxe is more like a salad with a couple chips buried underneath. If you wait to long, you get soggy chips. I needed a fork to eat.read more
Casey D.
We have been sitting at the same table for 45 min and no one has offered to get us another drink! Plus our server acted like a 15yr old brat the entire nightread more
Gabe D.
Go there for just some good food and good times. But watch out there is always a couple rounds of lunch and dinner rushes every day.read more
Kevin B.
Carolina gold sauce is the best!! Bought 2 gallons at GFS!read more
Justin J.
They have gluten free pizza crust here! Sadly the wings aren't gluten free but I'll take it.read more
Best looking wait staff I have seen ever. It's like they clone hot chicks for work!read more
Columbus Alive
Voted Best Wings in Columbus Alive's 2010 Best of Columbus.read more
Dave L.
The mayor of Roosters gives great bj's!read more
Dave L.
Hang your dick out to get a prime table.read more
Christen S.
Try the fried mushrooms shaken in garlicread more
Dave L.
Guys, the ladies appreciate you TIP!read more
Dave L.
Order the naked wings, while naked.read more
Dave L.
Order the live Rooster.read more
David S.
Love the buffalo pizza!read more
Nick G.
Say hello to the real live pterodactyl!!!read more
Jim M.
Try the Mac n Cheese bites with some Ranch.read more
Andy L.
Get the boneless wings. B-dubs has nothing on Roosters!read more
Christen S.
Try the fried mushrooms shaken in garlic! Service is great!read more
Jeffrey P.
Try the smoked salmon, it's like butter in your mouth.read more
Taylor O.
Try there chicken fingers u won't be disappointedread more
Kevin Douglas B.
Great atmosphere and very strong free WI-FIread more
Hit happy hour Monday thru Friday until 7:00pmread more
Dave L.
Tell Krista she's hot!read more


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