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Roxie's Market of Quincy

Grocery, Butcher

479 Southern Artery

(617) 773-3700


Vic G.
For a tiny establishment like Roxie's to be bang opposite across a Super Stop & Shop and be able to not only survive the competition but to beat it hands...read more
Jonathan C.
Roxy's is kind of like the Building 19 of grocery stores. I am half wondering if this deli meat fell of the back of a truck, or was procured from a train...read more
Nandanie S.
Roxies is a gem. They have good quality meats and produce, and I like that it's conveniently located next to the stop and shop baron of all things grocery....read more
tina w.
Be flexible. Great deals but don't go with a list they have limited items but fantastic prices. Good quality produceread more
ka yi w.
Pick me up mark me down sticker doesn't exactly mean it's a day old, sometimes we cut to much and don't want it to carry over to the next dayread more
Louis D.
Turnover rate for all the meats are very high. "Pick me up and mark me down" is to ensure that only the highest quality product is available each day as well as lowering the cost for consumers.read more
Kristen H.
Think SUPER cheap Stop & Shop. They've got mainly meat, fish and produce here and when you pick up select cuts, they MARK IT DOWN in front of you. Salmon usually goes for like $5.99/lb :)read more
Marc F.
Anything with a "Pick me up - Mark Down" is a day old meats! Still very good price & quality!read more
Jake S.
This place is fantastic for QUALITY meat for EXTREMELY CHEAP prices.read more
Kathryn H.
New website to apply to www.roxiesofquincy.comread more
David L.
Samon is 4.99lb today has been 6.99lbread more
Marc F.
Hours: M-F 7am - 9pm, Sat 6am - 9pm, Sun 10am - 6pmread more
Nicole M.
Overwhing after work .... But the deals are incredible.read more
anastasia c.
It's pretty much a meat heaven with great deals and markdowns.read more
Ron M.
Really enjoy the deli counter the half sour pickles are great!read more
Mike M.
AKA, The Stinky Store.read more


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