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Seoul Barbeque

Barbecue Restaurants, Korean, Barbeque

2080 S Havana St

(303) 632-7576


Jeanie H.
Upon meeting a couple in the gondola in Breckenridge, it was our last run before departing through Denver to the airport back home. They recommended a...read more
Nate F.
Ripoff! Ended up here based on the reviews. Out of the 14 sides 4 were edible and all of them were old, the BBQ itself cost me $100 and consisted mostly of...read more
Steph P.
Favorite Korean spot around the Denver area. This place knows how to do it! And being Korean, eating Authentic Korean food my whole life, you acquire a...read more
Ike H.
Try the Kimchi Pancake - Perfect...OK, I might have been little hungry. (via @Foodspotting)read more
Gloria M.
Best Korean bbq in town!!!! Xoxoread more
Ike H.
Try the Dolsut Bulgogi Bibimbap - I need to move to Aurora...NYC & LA have a lot of great Korean restaurants, but this place is not too far behind. (via @Foodspotting)read more
Ike H.
Try the Banchan - Total 14 including fish cakes...I love this place! (via @Foodspotting)read more
Andrew R.
This place will stuff you full of wonderful Korean food just like your Grandmother Kim used to make! Don't ask what it is. Just eat!!read more
Jeremy H.
Large array of banchan and the dak-bulgogi (BBQ chicken) is delicious!read more
austin g.
Put the galbi in your face hole and chew...it's delicious!!read more
Leon P.
A very good reasonable lunch menu!read more
Patricia R.
Lunch menu from 11a-2p is a great deal. I love the BBQ beefread more
Jackie F.
The pan fried sole is very nice if you're up for deboning it. :)read more
HORRIBLE RESTAURANT: This was a disgusting restaurant. i would have preferred to have spent 20 bucks on a big mac than this piece of crap. It took an hour for them to bring me my meal. When I finally got my meal, It was the WRONG ONE. I took a bite of the…read more
Horrible Experience: I went there to surprise my girlfriend, and the waiter ruined it. They had good food, but all restaurants have good food. The place ruined the taste by having such bad waiters and their service is bad too. I do not get how they have so…read more
A taste of Korea: My wife and I just had a great dinner at Seoul Barbeque. The service was excellent and the food was delicious. We had a beef and a pork dish, which was much more than enough food for the two of us. The waitress brought the meat out and…read more
So so: This restaurant has the worst service in town. I had to wait almost 25 minutes just to ask for a soda. They dont even care about the people either. The place looked heartwarming and it was very unique how the manager spent so much money…read more
Mexican Hombre
Don't Go Here: I am busy so the title describes it allread more
Sexy Mexican
Food poisoning on chop sticks: This restaurant is horrible i will never eat here again. I had food poisoning after i left and was sick for a week. id rather eat a big mac.read more
How could they?: They gave me such a bad service when i simply asked how much their food was. They may have good food, but they are getting too full of themselves. I think they have many flaws in their food. I cannot consider their food to be a cuisine. read more


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