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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Sigmund Stern Grove

Park, Other Outdoors, Music Venue

2750 19th Ave

(415) 252-6253


Have a seat or don't go. Some of the staff is very SERIOUS about their jobs. What fire lanes...I'm backed completely against a wall jeeze.read more
Hallie A.
Picnic tables are reserved for Supporting members and Volunteers only. Sign up and help out!!! Do get here early for best seating though.read more
Kat N.
If the show starts at 2, get there at 12 to get a picnic table and good seat for the show! Great place to eat and chill for a couple hours.read more
David W.
Arrive early to save space, especially on sunny Sundays. That said, our group prefers overcast or foggy days since the covert meadow is fairly exposed.read more
Vyoma K.
Love the yearly Stern Grove Music Concerts on Summer Sundays! The acoustics are just amazing. Go early at ~10am to secure a good space for your crew. Bring lots of nice treats and wine :)read more
Kelly S.
Great place to see any free concert on a good weather day, but foggy most others. Bad place to be if you are allergic to mosquitoes or have a seat on the hill.read more
Take the family for a picnic in the concert meadow on a non-concert day. Kids can run around on the empty stage and put on "shows."read more
Daniel L.
Bring a chainsaw if you want to be able to see anything. Have your environmental impact assessment ready for the city of SF.read more
Shawn C.
Ring a warm blanket and come for one of the concerts.read more
Eric K.
Great free summer concerts starting in July.read more
Ron S.
Sit in the trees and enjoy the music with some wine and cheeseread more
Mark P.
Arrive early, or enjoy a view of the foliage instead of the stage :(read more
Starr O.
Parking sucks, so take MUNI and bring a picnic lunch and relax to the music.read more
Angel M.
Sheila E.!read more


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