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Solid Grounds Coffee House & Cafe

Coffee Shop, Cafes, Coffee & Tea

7610 Heths Salient St

(540) 507-8374

Michael M.
My fiancé and I checked this place out, as it is right by our house and close to Harvest Market. The inside was beautiful, but the menu was hard to...read more
Cynthia T.
I found this little gem by accident when I drove out to Harvest Market for a few things & had some time to kill while waiting for my son to finish his...read more
choochoo t.
Love the ambience of this place as they have sofas and big chairs. Looks comfy. The seating area is huge and spacious. I've tried the shrimp sandwich and...read more
Whitney S.
The owner is really shady... He serves rock hard cinnamon rolls and is completely disrespectful to everyone. Wouldn't even bring my dog here to eat.read more
Bryan S.
I come just for the free wifi and maybe a cup of coffee. Tips are pooled so baristas never see a penny over minimum wage!read more
Bryan S.
Pumpkin Spice Latte available year round! Cheaper & better than Starbucks.read more
Chelsea W.
The roast beef Spotsy deli is good.read more
James I.
Great selection of pastries and pies.read more
Bryan S.
Slow service bad management but good drinks...read more
Iced chai latte with vanilla. Best chai I've ever had!read more
Leah J.
Vanilla chai tea is excellent.read more


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