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Sonic Drive-In of Minot

Traditional American, Carry Out, American (Traditional)

1601 35th Ave SW

(701) 420-9899


Audra O.
This is a great fast food restaurant. For those who don't understand the hype, I grew up down South with a Sonic on practically every corner. Cherry...read more
Peter V.
Good food. Its nice to have something a little different than normal fast food and a great selection of drinks. Also the line isn't too long anymore, like...read more
Amy V.
Ok, so I don't know what is going on here. This place is kicking ass and taking names as if no one has ever seen a place like this. It is so busy nearly all...read more
Jessica R.
the footlong coney barely had any chili and was in a 5 inch bun. the limeade was the wrong flavor. no peppermints. no onion ring bonus in the french fries. this isn't the sonic i know. step it up!read more
Jill G.
Just stopping to have a shake and burger. Hated the hotdog earlier in the week but loved the shake. Service is super slow so don't be in a hurry!read more
William D.
Entrance is a cluster you know what and it takes forever to place and receive your order. Understand it is new but they need to tighten up.read more
Lindsey R.
Half-price shakes after 8pm!read more
Kristen B.
Not going back till its old news!read more
Did you know that this location is the 1st Sonic in the state of North Dakota?read more
Shanon D.
Great food n service! 3 ways to order, eat in the car hop area, dine in, or drive through!read more
Jessica B.
Amazing food!!read more


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