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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Swirl It Up

Ice Cream, American (Traditional)

235 Faith Rd

(704) 637-8833

Nicole R.
Since I gave sweet frog 4 stars I have to give this place 5! We went here for the first time the other night. My husband kept saying it will be hard to...read more
Michael S.
They have whoopie pie pieces! That was my original tip, and I still stand by it as the best part of Swirl it Up. I'm not 100% sure if this is a chain or...read more
Caitlin O.
Sweet Frog has stiff competition in this place! Swirl It Up is a frozen yogurt bar. It's located in the same strip mall as Food Lion, near Tinseltown, in...read more
Buckie N.
The BEST in Salisbury! My entire family enjoyed some awesome yogurt and we had a great time. It's so nice to have a locally owned option that's very affordable.read more
Jessica C.
Love this place! Similar to Sweet Frog, but they also have desserts like cupcakes. Frozen yogurt and all toppings are $0.42 per ounce. It's also locally owned!read more
Jessica L.
If u ain't got atleast $25 to spend then don't even go in the door.read more
Josh L.
Very similar to Sweetfrog, but.....it's locally-owned and operated. Sweetfrog is a huge franchise. You pay a little more but hey it's local.read more
Joshua C.
Try the MANGO!read more


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