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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

TGI Friday's

Traditional American, Carry Out, Family-Friendly Dining

4100 13th Ave S

(701) 281-3030


Courtney W.
Food is terrible. Skimped on everything. Bruschetta chicken pasta was incredibly oily. Jack strips were burnt. Our waiter was great and that's the only...read more
Leon W.
I'm sorry, but this was my least satisfying meal...ever! Ordered Sirloin, got Ribeye at best. Lobster was chewy :( Best thing I can say is the service was...read more
Joshua S.
Good food but need more staff. So slow. Ic could probably draft an encyclopedic review in the time it's taken just to get out waters. Still waiting and been...read more
Bryce Z.
Brittany is adorable. Her eloquent charm makes the dining experience simply sensational.read more
Taryn M.
The few times I have been I have been waiting almost an hour for my food....read more
Shawn R.
Pretty good service from Kayla even though she looked miserable!!!!read more
Samantha L.
Ask for Steven's section, he's probably the best/sexiest server there :)read more
Rigo C.
The service is bad. Go somewhere else if you are in any type of hurry. Seriously terrible.read more
Brittney H.
Last time I was here with my family we had a horrible server. Didn't get her name, but she didn't know what being a server meant.read more
Gia R.
Sit in the bar for better, faster service and awesome bartenders (esp. Chris K.), stick around for bingo and trivia! Join the Stripes program = easy way to earn free food + other rewards :]read more
Miguel Z.
Order drinks a lot of them because some of the people here are asses like a snotty waitress named Kayla who should mind her own bidness but drinks make it betterread more
Drinks are good.. Food is Mediocre at best.. STEP IT UP homiezread more
Daryl G.
Caitlin is the bees knees ! She is witty spunky and awesome ?!! Ask for her section there will be no regrets !!!read more
Lucille B.
Service horrific in the restaraunt. Food quality seriously lacking. Won't b back for a while.read more
Only thing good about Michelle is her bar back. Just sayin...read more
Amanda M.
Why is this called Fridays Sperm?read more
Seth B.
cheesy bacon cheeseburgers! om nom nom!read more
Cassie M.
Ashley C. Is an amazing server!read more
Black Panther
What kind of lame name is Gia?read more
Jocelyn R.
Beer ball makes you sexy!!read more
Kaitlyn O.
Horrible service in the bar!read more
Lucille B.
Forgot how much I luv the cosmo rita shakerread more
Dana W.
Awesome service from Brittany G. In the bar!!read more
Samantha V.
Love TGIF! Awesome service, great food plus amazing prices:)read more
Luke B.
Visit Steven at the bar for happy hour. He's the best!read more
Andrew L.
The happy hour service here will not make you happy.read more
Odd-Arne R.
The cheesecake is awesome!read more
Melissa N.
Good place to get together to eat or have a drink.read more
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