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The Little Popcorn Store

Popcorn Shops, Snacks, Candy Store

1111-/4 W Front St.

(630) 690-7712

Millie M.
The Little Popcorn Store is a place that is fun for young and old! It has been considered a "favorite" of my children for years! 1. It has a variety of fun...read more
Karma K.
Feeling sad? Come here and you immediately smile! Bright door, walk in and you can touch the walls from side to side. Long, narrow space with tons of...read more
Barbra F.
Cute LITTLE shop in downtown Wheaton. Hard to spot, look for the red awning. This place has room for one person to stand shoulder to wall and one person to...read more
The popcorn shop will change your liferead more
Dave H.
The candy is great but you must treat yourself to a bag of their popcorn as wellread more
Jenn T.
Note the address. It's not even a building but rather an alley with a roof smooshed between 2 other bldgs. Still, it's awesome. The popcorn is so tasty. What a treat!read more
Jessica J.
Great place to take your kids and then eat across the street by the fountain!read more
Bob D.
One of best secrets of Western Suburbsread more
Theresa B.
The candy is super cheap, the popcorn is amazing, and the guys who work here are pretty cool. Its hard to miss, but worth going to.read more
Tony A.
Look for the red-and-white striped awning. It's easy to miss, but worth the effort.read more
Tony A.
The wall of candy is great and all, but GO FOR THE POPCORN! It's the best dang popcorn I've ever had.read more
Julie K.
I love this place, so do my kids: The popcorn is fantastic, the shop is as cute as can be, and they have a whole lotta candy! Going to the store is an outing in and of itself. When you go in, you pick up a little white bag and fill it up with whatever tasty tidbits you…read more
Shannon M.
Little attic-type candy store for kids: The Little Popcorn Store located in downtown Wheaton is so small, I miss it almost every time I pass by. For some reason, little kids just flock to this small confectionery store. It has many different types of candies and goodies, even…read more
Vicki L.
You can't get better popcorn: We've actually been going to this little store for years, my husband had been going there before we met and now we are taking the girls there. It is a very tiny little store, the space between two buildings actually. On one side of the…read more
Lauren P
Small but GREAT: This little shop as large as a small. well super small alley-way is a great place to find the old school candy of the old days. From rock candy, to blow pops, to gummy bears, to fresh popcorn, and more. The good ole' days will be right at…read more
Best Popcorn Anywhere: I have been buying popcorn at The Popcorn Store since I was a teenager and I'm 55 \r read more
great little place: I love this place. I always go with my friends to get some candy. Candy is always 5 or 10 cents, and the packs, like normal size of candy, are only 55 cents. Also, their popcorn is to die for and the atmosphere is astounding. It is a great…read more


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