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The Shanty

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401 East 9th Street

(520) 623-2664

Off The Quad
Recently legal? This is the place to celebrate. Free t-shirt on your big birthday and plenty of beer.read more
Kate E.
One server may have a brain injury and resulting memory struggles, otherwise a good joint.read more
Get the spicy popcorn.read more
Anthony D.
The bar tenders are awesome and if you're a regular, they always remember who you are and your drink! Definitely must try the gummy bear shot!read more
Matthew B.
Best bar on 4th. I'm not big into the bar scene, but when I do go out I like the atmosphere here. Cool neighborhood bar, complete with pool tables and outdoor seating area.read more
Delectables on Fourth
One of the coziest bars with an incredible selection of beers. The patio is so cool and overgrown with plants. I feel like I'm in Costa Rica when I am on this patio.read more
Adam E.
This may have just been a one-time thing, but worst service ever. And pretty rude.read more
Katie S.
The Shanty is one of my favorite bars in Tucson. Absolutely love this place. So many wonderful memories here. :)))read more
Pat B.
Smithwicks on tap. Pronounced Smidicks.read more
John Paul V.
This place has belhaven on tap. Do it.read more
Vicente F.
One of the only places that serves Belhaven.read more
Elaine M.
Popcorn is the best ever!read more
Jonathan R.
Get here early or the popcorn will be ALL gone!read more
Laura S.
I came for the beers. I stayed for the toilets.read more
Andy L.
Beware "glassy" eyes. You may be denied admittance.read more
The Best Bar in Tucson!!!: I used to only frequent the Shanty once in a while, but have recently become a weekly regular. The atmosphere is great and the staff is even better. You are welcomed with big smiles and on a first name basis and the bartenders remember…read more
best beer selection, worst staff ever: this place has an incredible selection of beer. i found all of my Belgian favorites here. unfortunately, their staff is absolutely atrociously unfriendly and downright rude. they told one of our friends that they never want her to come…read more
Great beer and Great Staff: I am at the Shanty every week on Thursday when I host the Tucson meeting of Drinking Liberally from 6pm to about 10pm. Our meetings are open to the public, so please stop by.\r \r The staff is wonderfully accommodating and friendly to the…read more
Won't take state issued IDs: This bar won't allow people with a state issued ID in, it must be a driver's license or passport. So basically it you don't drive or travel internationally this bar doesn't want your money. It's not that great of a bar to begin with, I…read more
Best Bar in Town!: The Shanty is my absolute favorite bar in town. I love the staff-they are welcoming and remember your name and your drink quirks. The menu is very extensive, it seems like they have every beer one could imagine asking for. There are plenty…read more
Mary P
Cool bar, good service: The Shanty is on the corner of 4th and Ave. The space is very large and well decorated. They also have a great outdoor patio, so it's an awesome place for a big group of friends.\r \r Prices fare on average for 4th Ave., and the…read more
Chrissy L
Shanty: The Shanty is a nice place to relax and eat with your friends. They have fascinating decorations and wonderful service.read more
A part of tucsons history: A great bar with a deep rooted history in Tucson.read more
The Scene
The Shanty has been a Fourth Avenue beer-connoisseur's favorite for many years. It manages to appeal to the university crowd while also luring professors and non-university thirtysomethings.

The…read more
Great atmosphere: The Shanty can get crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, but if you get a spot on the patio you'll be set! The waitresses actually remember you're out there and the drinks are resonably priced. Great place to go and have a beer on a nice…read more


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