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Tortilleria Salsa

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480 W Chase Ave

(619) 588-5217

Sam V.
Burritos here are awesome! Inside this little supermarket, is a small shop that sells various mexican foods. Their california burrito is amazing - super...read more
Lily L.
I love salsa market. Their nice warm fresh tortillas and carnitas are always on point. Their salsas,food, service everything is good especially the food...read more
Gillian S.
Very clean, always has fresh food and the employees are all very sweet. The burritos in the back are hands down the best and have a reasonable price .read more
Debbie T.
You can order masa to make tamales. They also have mild - XXX hot sauce made fresh with habaneros: look in fridge case in backread more
Claudia R.
Best pork chicharron ever. Yum yum!! Loveeee it !!read more
Debbie T.
Best flour tortillas, salsa, fresh & low cost vegies & fruits. Don't tell anyone, it's our secret!read more
Bumper K.
Made fresh daily! Affordable! Catering!read more
Catherine T
Tortillas and Salsa that can't be beat!: Tortilleria Salsa is a small neighborhood store, specializing in Mexican foods, produce, etc. They have a small "to-go" business, and also sell fresh meats such as carne asada. Our favorite thing to purchase there is their outstanding…read more


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