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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Tottinos Pizza & Louisiana Fried Chicken

Pizza, Fried Chicken, Chinese

2216 W El Segundo Blvd

(310) 327-4002

Cleophus B.
This is a hood spot for real, lol! But where else can you get Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Soul Food cooked by Asians? Go on, I'll give you a...read more
Audrey N.
I love checking out neighborhood eats when I'm attending meetings all over LA and I have to say I'm a BIG fan of Tottino's! It's perfect for when you're in...read more
Melissa S.
Seriously, tell me what they don't have! They have burritos, tacos, pizza, pasta, burgers, Chinese, fried chicken etc. I tried their gumbo. It looked gross...read more
I work across the street and had a sprained knee but still needed a 15$ min order for delivery. So I crutched over to get my food. Egg rolls are good, place doesn't seem clean though. 6/10read more
Janell W
i love tottinos!!!!!!!!!: Tottinos is great! My daughter and i have depended on them on many a lazy day. They have pizza, chinese food, Louisiana Friend Chicken. You have to try their stuffed potatos, they are more than a full meal. the prices are great and…read more
Leslie H
It's Okay: This is another location that my job introduced me to, they sell everything, chinese food, louisiana chicken, mexican food...variety! This is a good spot when and your co-works are on lunch and you don't have that much time, you can get…read more


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