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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Trooper Thorn's Irish Beef House

Pub, Bar, Irish

451 Morgantown Rd

(610) 685-4944


Mike L.
Ended up here twice on my visit to the area. The patio is an excellent hang out spot for late night. Beer selection is good with both locals and a few...read more
Kate L.
We use to be weekly at this place for dinner. It has gone down hill. The bathrooms are dirty and I can no longer take the women in my family there. It's a...read more
S R.
Had a great time here. Had a beer on special that was very reasonable. The bartenders were great. Also had dinner at the bar and was absolutely not...read more
Angela L.
The best fish "n" chips I have had in America so close to home !!read more
Brian P.
Beware the noidread more
Jordan S.
Heard its a great place to get an 8 ball, some bro was yelling that he just got it?read more
They take the classics and make them even better! Go with the Shepard's Pie or Fish and Chips for a treat!read more
Someone please draw wings on those pigs in the bathroomread more
Luke K.
When you're in the bathroom you're gonna look at those cows on the wall and think, "boy they have no legs!" it's an illusion- they're just lying down in grass that's probably taller than it looks.read more
Ashley B.
Get a blue moon draft and enjoy the wonderful summer weather :]read more
John M.
It's all about the 5-meat gravy. And chili with steak.read more
Jennifer P.
Crab chips... Delicious! Get em!read more
Margo K.
Get bit by mosquitoes.read more
Jameson B.
$1 Killian's Drafts. All day. Every day.read more
Courtney C.
The deck in the summer is delightful.read more
Paul K.
Great place. ..lies of good memoRies hereread more
Sayre K.
The crab dip is legend - wait for it - DARY!!!read more
Sulyn L.
$3 warsteiner franiskaner & spaten during WC matchesread more
Thomas O.
It smells like shit!!!!! But, I love it!!!read more
Waitstaff ignores you but great beer!: My spouse and I sat at a table in the main corridor just off the bar with menus in hands for 45 minutes, and no waitstaff approached or even made eye contact, though others around us were serviced with no problem. What did we do wrong? …read more
Nicquie D
Pub Visitor: Wow, what a great selection of beer. Homemade food what a concept, I suggest the fish and chips. Prices are affordable. They also have an outside deck with a bar. They have daily beer specials so no matter what day you go you will…read more
Great Crab Dip: The bar itself is a little bit smokey inside, but the deck was very nice. People actually ride up on their mountain bikes and grab a few drinks. The crab dip was amazing and the steaks are very good. read more
M. M
good neighborhood bar: This is a very friendly bar. The rugby team frequents here and all are very nice. The staff is quick to pour your drink and there is pool and a pretty decent amount of seats.read more


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