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Versailles Restaurant

Cheap Eats, Latin American, Group Dining

3555 SW 8th St

(305) 444-0240


Ed F.
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to sample Cuban food in Miami, Versailles is the place to start. They have a huge menu, and the prices are...read more
Caro S.
Meh! I don't get the hype. On my previous visits to Miami I had never made it to Versailles. On our last day we made the trek to enjoy an early lunch....read more
Kristin D.
Went on a late night at random. The food was quick and delicious. The staff was a little under energy but it didn't affect the efficiency of it all. I...read more
Robert R.
...get a taste of Cuban inspired cuisine. Most likely the best Cuban food in town with great service and atmosphere... Try the Arroz con pollo!read more
Herman G.
Be aggressive at the "ventanita" don't let all that Latin blood intimidate you - and they sometimes speak English :)read more
Suki K.
A lively place to visit even in the middle of the day during the week, this spot is definitely worth a visit.read more
This is the place to get a taste of Cuba - but do through the outside window when you order a cafesitoread more
David Y.
Castro was here in its beginning. Today it's a must-see for anyone visiting Miami! Authentic cuban food!read more
For a taste of truly authentic Cuban fare, try the ropa vieja (shredded flank steak in tomato sauce) with a side of rice and beans and fried plantains.read more
The Feast
A Little Havana institution, it's where to take anyone looking for Cuban. Sit inside and feast on big portions of ropa vieja (shredded beef) or go to the walk-up counter for an empanada and cortadito.read more
A Miami landmark. Just like Mango's on Ocean Drive, Versailles is typically high on the list of visitors looking for that quintessential Miami experience. [Eater 38 Member]read more
There's no better place to have an authentic Cuban meal than at Versailles. No visit is complete without a Cuban sandwich, mojito, ropa vieja, plantains, and Cuban coffee. [Eater 38 Member]read more
Mer प.
El mejor restaurante para comida Cubana en todo Miami! Todo los platos en el menu son deliciosos! The best Cuban fare in all of Miami! Every dish on the menu is delish!read more
Gables Maven
If you see the barista walk in from the back carrying a croqueta tray on her shoulder, order 2, wash down with an orange juice, and then a cortadito. Call me later.read more
NBC Politics
Versailles made its mark on Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's campaign trail when he hosted a breakfast event here on January 13, 2012. Get your wonk on at http://NBCPolitics.comread more
Order a cafecito -- they’re so potent that more than 1,000 are sold per day at the walk-up counter.read more
Gables Maven
I see too many people order coffee at the table after their meal. Please don't cheat yourselves of the ultimate experience. Pay for dinner and have coffee at the coffee window with the locals.read more
This landmark Cuban restaurant on Calle Ocho serves up the best Cuban coffee in Miami, which has fueled over 14,000 plots to overthrow Fidel Castro.read more
John P.
Definitely try the Cafe Con Leche!read more
Jackie R.
Batido de Mamey will change your life.read more
Terri B.
Have a Cuban sandwich and a colada. Delicious!read more
Family style, no fuss. People come to celebrate, have a good time and eat good Cuban food.read more
sierra p.
Best cafe con leche in the worldread more
Felix L.
Vaca frita!read more
Travel by Cami
A Miami Icon and must do!read more
Miguel S.
Order a Cafesito & a Croquetta!read more
Ask for Arroz Imperial w/ Maduros!! Best in town!read more
Mariano A.
No hay mejor lugar para un cortadito en Miami :)read more
Gables Maven
Make a stop at the coffee window for the best cortadito in town.read more
Great for the ambiance and food - miamiculinarytours.comread more
Insane Cuban sandwich - www.miamiculinarytours.comread more
Newt Gingrich
Excited to be in Miami! Thanks for coming out. Thanks for the support!read more
Authentic food, authentic Cuban feel- Service is HORRIBLE...: I live in Miami and am of Cuban decent. The food for the most part, is very good and authentic. Be prepared to wait a long time for service and you basically have to hunt down your server. You can survive with speaking english though…read more
Why don't they speak English at this place?: I don't normally write a review of place I have never been but I was looking for a good cuban restaurant in Miami and was interested in going to this place until I read the reviews. Alot of them pointed out the lack of english speakers...…read more
Shame: Whoever thinks that Cuban food should be greasy and mediocre is just utterly wrong. Clearly, the cooks at this restaurant seem to think it should be. I took a friend to his first introduction to Cuban cuisine and I was slapped in the face…read more
Pleasant Dinner: While vacationing in Miami my friends and I got with several of our taxi drivers and told them we wanted to experience authentic Cuban food.. Everyone recommended Versailles to be the happening place for us to par take in. We were very…read more
Iris Nieves
Worst Customer Service: Recommended highly by a physican I work with. Geographically impaired, we attempted to get directions from South Beach. The man, who only spoke Spanish hung up on me three times. As soon as he told me he did not speak English, I…read more
: When locals only have time to take out-of-town visitors to one Cuban restaurant, this landmark spot is usually the choice, due to its history, its position as Latin power players' primo informal gathering place (which guarantees…read more
Best Cuban Ambiance: This is by far the most authentic Cuban ambiance in town! I love going to Versailles because it's the only place in Miami where the 1980's Cuban-American style lives on. The city has changed drastically during the 90's and 00's, somehow…read more
Guest G.
Tacky, tacky, tacky: the metal furniture is so outdated,they used that type of furniture ar Funeral Homes in New York in the 70's.The decor, Tacky, Tacky, Tacky!The food is mediocre, run of the mill, and the service, so so.No place to seat outside, total…read more
amazing food, TERRIBLE SERVICE: i am a miami native, and have been to the versailles quite a few times. i figured i should put in my two cents. the food is almost always amazing and relatively inexpensive. every now and then i get a mediocre dish. unfortunately, the…read more
Angry-Vehicle Broken Into: The food is good, but my locked vehicle was broken into with 2 Versailles parking attendants standing watch. This was at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon!! I spoke to management (Raul Alonso) and he couldn't care less. He told me Miami is a…read more
Good food but needs to screen waiters: I've always made sure to bring out of towners to this place to experience REAL Cuban food. The service is quick, the food is GOOD. On March 25 at around 7pm or so, my husband and I went there once more to bring a guest. Our waiter,…read more
Shelly H.
im not sure: what to write exactlyread more
not what I expected: This restaurant is far from what they say. We started with a sampler platter of yuca fries, ham and chicken...read more
: Versailles is Miami. If you live in Miami you should visit Versailles for dinner, lunch, and morning coffee on the weekends.read more
Not bad: I enjoy eating here if just to flip through the phone-book sized menu offering hundreds of food to pick...read more
Know Before You Go: Despite its late-night hours, there is no smoking allowed.read more
Authentic Cuisine In the Heart of Miami!: Accompanying my husband on a business trip he took to Miami FL, I mentioned that I was very interested in...read more
Versailles serves up contemporary Mexican and Cuban cuisine for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is rather small and does get crowded, which doesnt l...read more
Excellent: Excellent Grub!read more
When to Go: While usually very family-friendly, the wee hours will often draw a younger, rowdier crowd looking for a hearty meal after a night of South Beach club-hopping.read more
First-timers, not sure where to go - here it is!: This 'go to' restaurant has been a stand-by for years... high traffic, high volume - but the Cuban Food is...read more
Chandra C
mmmmmm...DELICIOUS: Absolutely amazing food. Everytime I go to Miami, I have to come here to eat. The food is so good. It wouldn't be a trip unless we come here.read more
A MUST SEE: Everytime a friend from out of town we stop here. The food is fantastic, great portions, hot and fast. The atmosphere is just right- friendly, not uptight. Be sure to try them out. You won't be disappointed.read more


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