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Vino Restaurant

Italian, Restaurants

3531 Plaza Way

(925) 284-1330


Michelle B.
I've been here many times and over the years have made it a point to bring guests to get a load of Castro the Crazy. Here's the latest: Last weekend I...read more
Sarah L.
I stopped in today for a glass of wine before my husband picked me up. The place was empty. The owner/manager was NOT FRIENDLY and not happy that I wanted...read more
Erica K.
Annoyance at it's finest. I called to make a reservation for 7:30, Castro says 7:45. I said OK no problem..... Phone call at 5:00, what time did you...read more
Howard E.
If you dine anywhere else, you'll be missing out. Delicious, healthy (really) food, cozy atmosphere and entertainment. Great find.read more
Irene K.
Be sure to chat with the owner who has a fantastic, comical, outgoing personality. He even plays the piano.read more
Great tapas. Castro serves tables and play piano at the end of the evening.read more


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