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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Ajisen Ramen

Asian, Ramen / Noodles, Japanese

18253 Colima Rd.

(626) 839-2188


Sarlyn P.
3 words! PREMIUM PORK RAMEN! I've been here 4 times for far and 3 times I got their Premium Pork Ramen because it was addicting delicious! I also tried...read more
Raquel C.
My brother and I have been coming to this place for the last three years. He found out about this awesome place through his international friends that would...read more
Darren Y.
Fast service. The food is pretty good also but doesn't taste like authentic japanese ramen. It took less than 5 minutes for the food to get to me after i...read more
Ghio T.
ajisen ramen. It is the least expensive ramen, and it has a simple and true taste.read more
Elise B.
The flavored iced teas are delicious and worth the extra 50 cents for a large.read more
Justin Y.
spicy pork ramen is the best! I come here so much with my sister that the servers remember us!read more
Joshua A.
Instead of the great Spicy Beef Ramen, substitute the beef for Premuim Pork. Its thinly sliced and takes the ramen to a whole other level!read more
The beef bowl here is the buisness. And the food servers are so adorable!read more
They're a little slow here... Servers don't take orders in the order you're seated and they mess up orders too.... The Rowland Heights location needs serious training! And I never got my drinks!read more
Timothy K.
This place is too good! The ramen, rolls, and curry are all delicious! Check this place out. You can have yogurtland right after when you're done cuz it's right next door haha :Pread more
They are known for their Ramen but the beef bowl is out of this world!read more
Brian Joseph G.
Try their specialty. #1 with extra pork.read more
Chris S.
Woohooo at Grapefruit Green Tea!!!read more
I love almost everything here! LoLread more
Richard G.
Mmm premium pork is awesome hereread more
Rich V.
Lychee Mango Cranberry Drink!!! A must beverage !read more
Anne L.
BOGO on drinks is back on. Monday to Thursday only.read more
Jocelyne S.
Mango lychee cranberry juice...sweet and tart! Delicious :]read more
Kristoffer M.
Great servive, DELICIOUS ramen! Beef curry is my favorite.read more
Sukumar S.
Try tomato broth instead of beef broth... tastes great!read more
Aaron D.
find parking that makes sense.read more


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