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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

A&W and Long John Silvers

Seafood, Carry Out, Burgers

5600 Cameron Rd

(512) 419-9030


Adamson S.
The slowest fast food restaurant I've experienced in decades. I placed my order at 4:27pm per the receipt and it wasn't ready until 4:47 - that's a 20...read more
Daniel H.
It's hard for me to rate bad on this restaurant due to it being by far my favorite fast food place. The fish fry has always been good and to be honest I...read more
Shani S.
ghetto rude trashy I don't understand mumble. You should always greet a customer; it's how YOU get paid. You should always thank a customer at the end of...read more
Julia B.
Hello! Fish again, really? Next time try the chicken planks, you know you like them.read more
Karen Rae F.
Remember to ask for a frosty mug. Straight from the freezer.read more
Brian C.
Don't forget the malt vinegar.read more
Red R.
If your kool they'll hook you up.read more
Jacob W.
f the a&w.... ljs por vidoread more


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