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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

BGR The Burger Joint

Carry Out, Hamburgers, Burgers

2060 Mall Walk

(914) 375-2131


Jennifer G.
I would never ever come back here again. Seriously ever. Neither my boyfriend, my family, nor anyone else who even mentions this place to me. First of...read more
Michael T.
Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment, or merely just a glutton, but I don't know that I can enjoy eating here again nor recommend the place - and it isn't...read more
Danny K.
VENTURE AT YOUR OWN RISK! So I am re-reviewing BGR after speaking with the owner after having an issue with seating and service one night in May. I was...read more
John W.
Stay away from the Wellington! Truffles look like bird droppings. 32.00 for 2 people. Expensive. Try Smashbuger as a Five Guys alternative.read more
Lynette T.
Great beefy taste, cooked well, good size, way overpriced! Better burgers at Smashburger in Pelham. Presentation of the Wellington burger looked like bird poop on my burger. Smeh.read more
Danielle O.
They claim that everything is made to order, however, when I asked for a specific ingredient to be removed from my burger the cashier told me that everything was already made. So which is it?read more
Michael T.
The burgers are good, but so far after several visits have only been the correct order 50% of the time. Watching the service, I wasn't the only one with a lost ticket or incorrect order.read more
Robert M.
The Southwestern Burger was tasty but it did not retain its "patty" form; seemed more the consistency of chili (loose meat).read more
Kwame A.
Burgers are good and cooked to order. Not greasy like some other places. And the onion rings are huge. Give them a tryread more
Nicole M.
Pretty expensive. Burgers are decent but not spectacular.read more
Chris H.
Most definitely over priced and the cashier was horrible!read more
DJ Astro
Love it! Not 5 guys but great when 5 guys isn't available...read more
Walter M.
Mix the cherry lemonade with raspberry ice tea. Simply amazing.read more
Matt C.
A great burger. I had the cuban. Only one word to describe it "DELICIOUS"read more
Chafeeza B.
I loved the turkey burger and sweet potatoe fries ....mhmmmm burgerread more
Steven C.
Not worth it. Too overpriced.read more


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