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Bi-Rite Market

Market, Grocery Store, Grocery

550 Divisadero St.

(415) 551-7900


John S.
First time experience. This is by far the nicest and friendliest place in San Francisco. My girlfriend and I came here on numerous occasions during our...read more
Duke C.
Very glad that I didn't have to wait in a looong line for the ice cream! Had brunch next door at NOPA so decided to stop by to grab dessert. The ice cream...read more
James N.
The more I come here the more I love BiRite! Even though I'm a non-local, I would first come here for their delicious ice cream (lines here are just...read more
Madam W.
Salted caramel ice cream was good if over-rated. 1 scoop of strawberry balsamic with 1 scoop of basil will rock your world though.read more
Serious Eats
If you can stand the hipsterism and priciness of everything here, they've got some really great produce and good deli sandwiches.read more
Lisa P.
When I'm low on funds and can't spend $10 on a jar of pickles, I can just go across the street to Popeyes. Divis, you're the bestread more
Natalie L.
Among the best wine stores in the city for price and quality with knowledgable staff to walk you through the selection process.read more
Ryan R.
It's not cheap, but the selection and quality is the best around. Oh, and the ice cream...it's as good as advertised and then some.read more
Amanda M.
A very nice market, I just wish it wasn't so small. I must've hit 5 different people with my bag, but everyone was in the same situation.read more
Alan H.
Keep your eyes out for unusual fruits, Stumptown coffee, and on-shelf sample cups. In fact, speaking of samples: You can try not just their delicious ice cream, but also, amazingly: liqueurs.read more
Matthew B.
THE best grocery store in SF. Today, I was buying a bunch of stuff and left a piece of ginger on the counter and the cashier ran halfway down the block to give it to me. That is f****** service!read more
kimmi y.
can't believe i always got salted caramel ice cream without ever trying the ricanelas! i am now forever a ricanelas fan.read more
rick g.
Ask at the counter for fresh-baked goods like scones and mini-brioche... Deli meats are outstanding! Customer service is out of this world!read more
This G.
"Fancy Chinese Pinenuts"... What sort of stupidity is this? 2years ago the Chinese are poisoning us with them on the cheap, this year hipsters are paying $50/lb for the privilege.read more
Ben R.
Pay attention to price, because some things are less expensive than Whole Foods!!! Their dolmas are fantastic too.read more
Peter O.
Great store and Scoops is located inside.read more
Camille R.
Honey Lavender & Salted Caramel. Enough said.read more
Benjamin R.
Witness the $10 carton of eggs.read more
Carol W.
Excellent chocolate selectionread more
adam b.
pleasant sommeliersread more
Carl B.
Mee-Sun Y.
You can try as many flavors of ice cream as you want!read more
Melanie N.
$6 for 6 oz of blueberries hand picked by leprechauns!read more
Kelly P.
Great take-home foods! This is the spacier and brighter version of your favorite grocery on Valenciaread more
Ed P.
What a sensible place - you can ask for half pints of soup. Perfect if you like soup and sandwich lunches!read more
Sabrina B.
Pick up some delicious hand wrapped caramel singles in le chocolate section. So yummy!...read more
Trevor H.
Josey Baker bread! If they're out, try The Mill down the street.read more
Kelly M.
10% off 6 bottles of wine. Great cheese selection too.read more
Brett H.
Awesome ice cream!read more


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