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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

BJ's Restaurant & Brewery

New American, Traditional American, Carry Out

17615 Castleton St.

(626) 363-9460


Brizylla A.
I came here to celebrate my birthday with some girlfriends and I was discouraged afterwards. The food isn't as great as everyone says because it really...read more
Luvi S.
it has not improved : ( I came here for the pizza. They took so long!!! I guess they lost my order! I orderd a soda and no straw.. they brought me a straw...read more
Miss J.
Amazing service & great prices for HH!!! We came on the 4th of July and ended up coming at the right time -- it was HAPPY hour! We were very pleased with...read more
Elaine W.
You can bring in your own bottle of wine for no corkage fee for the first bottle!read more
Sal H.
Grilled chicken potato w/ Buffalo sauce. And the Irish root beer is delicious.read more
Rich V.
The service Sux here they need to hire people over 18 to work at this joint !read more
byron r.
Try the limited edition beer, Heritage 100. it won't be there for very long!read more
Mia K.
Try the ahi poke - Mmm so good! (via @Foodspotting)read more
Jen Ocide
The service here sucks. I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes and got nothing at all.read more
Michael R.
Best cheap lunch specials around. And best lunch happy hour/ lunch beer special, 350 a pint. Where else can you get that??....read more
Matthew M.
really nicely designed atmoshpere. the service though, has always been a bit impersonal every time I have been here. club sandwiches are a good light eat.read more
Saida` G.
This place is very meh. The best part about being here is looking out the window at the people eating/leaving the Golden Corral. I saw a very fat man with a batman t-shirt and a pompadour.read more
Catalina T.
Large party to go menu has changed! >< not happy about the one type of sandwich selection player or the amount of food it comes with ...read more
Mia K.
Try the Grilled Steak Salad (via @Foodspotting)read more
Clayton B.
I was a little disappointed in the food and the prices were high. I couldn't recommend this based on todays experience.read more
Susan W.
Do not get the Texas style chicken fried steak. Taste far from the real thing. Trust a Texan.read more
Try the Strawberry Lemonade, It's delicious (:read more
Where's my black label shot ?read more
Andrea L.
Buffalo Wings are scrumptious!read more
Jen L.
Try the Franseskaner! Deliciousread more
Dirty dishes. Crappy service.read more
Janeth R.
Buffalo Pizza is the best!!!read more
Michelle H.
Strawberry sangria!!read more
Linda A.
The bathrooms are scary!read more
Jessie Y.
Strawberry mojito is the shit. (:read more
Lawrence T.
They have Duvel Green on tap here!!read more
Barrett L.
So-so deep dish and terrible in-house beersread more
Gamble Y.
Try the Hawaiian Mahi Mahi it was excellent!read more
Edward M.
They got root beer on tap! Lets go turn upread more
Dave S.
Sit @ the bar, the bartenders are hot!read more
Dave S.
Sit @ the bar, the waitresses are hot!read more
Leeanne M.
The Stuffed chicken potato is awesome.read more
Emily X.
Servings are huge!read more


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