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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

New American, Traditional American, Carry Out

11101 183rd St

(562) 467-0850


Alanna R.
Their shoe string fries 95% of the time arrive cold or Luke warm.read more
Romy S.
BJ's suck.. how do u get hair in ur pizza and think u deserve a tip..read more
Travis A.
I didn't like the server jason. I bet he listens to creed -__-read more
Expect to wait awhile for a table on a Friday night.read more
Jason A.
This is one of the largest restaurants in Cerritos.read more
Manny G.
Try the Chili Soup - So goood. (via @Foodspotting)read more
Alayne S.
Come on your birthday and you get a free mini chocolate chip pazookieread more
Manny G.
Prices for the lunch menu are great! I ate a half sandwich with fries and a bowl of chili for just $7!read more
Service here sucks when it's super busy. Like it's physically unimaginable to do more than one thing at once for them, they are lucky their food is awesomeread more
ajbulnes a.
i love every BJ's i go to. stick with what you know. if the waitor/waitress doesn't understand your order, ask them to point you in the right direction to someone who will better assist you. its bestread more
Chanie B.
Lunch specials from 1-3....but regardless, the chix lettuce wraps are the biz! (Fyi, they are never on the lunch menu but oh so good!)read more
Breanna J.
If you have a large party, call ahead of time. The sooner the better because this place never has a slow day (it's that good).read more
Robert P.
Check your spoons and fork before eating. They gave me a dirty one in a clean napkin to eat with. Ewwwwread more
M S R.
Don't be lame and wait for an hour for a table. Go to the raised section or bar area and seat yourself!read more
Vi C.
The chicken fettucini alfredo is the bomb.com!read more
Johan T.
Triple chocolate pizookie is a must have hereread more
Jennifer D.
pear cider and heff all dayread more
Apple A.
Can never go wrong with BJ's!!!read more
Jorge F.
Call ahead! For reals...read more
Brittany B.
Jason is a douche :|read more
Roderick R.
Have a Pizookie!read more
Berry burst cider!read more
Brandee G.
Curtis sucked..but Kevin rocked!read more
Brent S.
Try the baneh(how ever its spelled)read more
J R.
Pear cider with a small pepperoni pizza FTW!read more
Jason D.
My favorite beer place and pizza its the bestread more
Wilox C.
Bad service, so slow the food isn't awesomeread more
Ralph A.
It's fun to call this place "Blowies"read more
Adam D.
Red Velvet Pazookie is soooo yummy!read more
U.S. contractor
Try the beerread more


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