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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

New American, Traditional American, Carry Out

204 E. Via Rancho

(760) 466-0700


Kat D.
When my boyfriend and I are hungry, but can't decide where to eat; we go to BJ's. It's basically our go to dinner when we want to eat out, but don't feel...read more
Kathleen B.
BJ's has really gone downhill these past few years. I used to be a regular, but it's just been bad news bears for too long. I usually shy away from places...read more
Raul A.
I just stop by had a great dinner with my client, love BJ Brewery. Service was really fast and good you really can't go wrong on the Tomato soup. Rachael...read more
Vee F.
Seems like all the waitresses are on the same menstrual cycle!!!! I'll take the Crabby Patties!!!read more
Kent G.
stand around the lobby area while waiting and they will bring you out some free samples of thier pizza!read more
Add 10-15 minutes to the wait time they tell you...read more
Jane T.
Only good thing here is the pizookie! Service is horrible the food is alright not great! !!read more
Rudilynn S.
Join the rewards program! Totally worth it...& the BJ's Baked Beignet is to die for! ....along with the pazookies :)Pread more
Rudilynn S.
Lovin' the wedge salad, fish taco plate & flat bread pizzas :)read more
Be prepared to wait. Wait for a seat (1+ hour), wait for you drinks(20 min), wait for appetizer(30 min), and wait for the food.read more
Oliver C.
The wait may be long at this "newish" location, but the food is even better than I remember from BJ's! BTW, they have call-ahead seating. It would be wise to use it.read more
Yeah your gonna wait ...its in a mall parking lot. Beer is cold and good. Food is awesome. Service is acceptable. They need a foursquare special for checkins ....just saying.read more
Midori C.
Come only for beer and sports. Food and service tend to be lackluster. Sodium content is off the charts: you'll feel hungover w/o touching a drop o alcohol!read more
Jonathan H.
Service wasn't good especially for a slow night.read more
This place is notorious for bad and or slow service. Took 35 min tonight to get a beer in a bar that had only 10 patronsread more
This place is notorious for bad and or slow service. Took 35 min tonight to get a beer in a bar that had only 10 patronsread more
Cameron H.
Try the Balsamic Glazed Chicken! It's bomb!! :)read more
Michele S.
$5 mini-pizzas for happy hour!read more
Dob R.
Long wait. Try somewhere else.read more
Jessica A.
The tomato soup here is the bestread more
The cream soda is amazing.read more
Jeff L.
It's not what you think.read more
Mae G.
Pizo0kie....duh!read more
Alvin D.
Try the oasis amber!!!read more
Marie F.
Yummy ahi poke salad & beer flight.read more
Angie S.
The root beer is house made and tummy!read more
Ryan C.
Thai style wontons are to die for. Delicious.read more
Grecia M.
The sparkling raspberry lemonade is delicious!read more
Courtney W.
Such good pizza and the pizookie is amazing!!read more
Don't. Stand outside it smells like smokers!read more
Jonathan M.
Service sucks, but the pizza is worth it.read more
Jessica w/ E.
Mini pizzas are only $5 on happy hour! Yum!read more
Dennis P.
Ahi poke!!read more


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