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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

New American, Traditional American, Carry Out

1106 Town East Mall

(972) 682-5800


Tisha E.
The Seared Ahi Tuna Salad...F*CKING. AMAZING. If you don't try it you have yourself to blame. The Blackened Salmon is pretty good too. Oh, and always get...read more
Austin R.
Very Very clean inside. There food is very good along with this BJ's Root Beer in a frosty mug with endless refills. all the food I have tried here is...read more
K. B.
Great place to go with friends as long as you have time to wait. Share some food, and order a few drinks, but don't expect to get out of there in under an hour.read more
mike p.
My friend did not like the Calzone. He didn't like the ricotta cheese in it.read more
Guy B.
Food is good but takes forever for parties of 6 or more. Love the pizzookie.read more
Yvonne M.
Strawberry Mojito and Thai Chicken Wantons... both new favorites!! :)read more
Over an hour waiting for our order to come. We are still waiting.read more
Lakita C.
Good brew selection. And Bodingtons on tap? Heck yeah. Foods not rlly my thing.read more
Lori S.
Ask for Tori, she is very professional and will take care of you!read more
Amanda F.
Ordered food at 9:45... It's 10:50. They close at 11. Still have no food. There is not a soul in the dining room and 6 people at the bar. Fail.read more
Martha S.
Nothing"deep dish" about this pizza and this rude waiter had enough nerve to argure with me about it. This pizza looks nothing like the picture in the menuread more
Kristal S.
The food and drinks are good. Really wish I could say the same about our waitress...we felt rushed the whole time and it wasn't busy at all for a Friday night.read more
Jason N
one waitress for 10 tables. expect to wait for your drinks. and only one martini glass in the house.ran out of blue moon at 645 on new years everead more
Spencer B.
I love the root beer here. Please get the pizookie, its amazing.read more
Keith R.
If your at this mall, there isn't much for a guy to do except grab a cold one while you wait in the lady to do her shopin'.read more
Karen B.
Food was great. You can't go wrong with the blonde shrimp! Service was extremely slow today though:(read more
Nikki T.
Get the avocado egg rolls! Great as an appetizer and a meal :)read more
Tina B.
Love the Wild Berry Mojito!read more
Lori S.
Great Service ALL the time.read more
Ashley N.
The meatballs are the shiznit!read more
Jason N
Salsa tastes like bbq sauceread more
Preston W.
Try the Pazooki for desertread more
Benjammin H.
Jeremiah Red is legit!read more
Lori S.
Avocado Egg Rolls, YUMMYread more
Brandon M.
Worst service ever. Twice, now.read more
Kristie A.
They have some legit home brews.read more
Brian W.
Get the angus pot roast open face sandwich it was fantasticread more
Justin R.
GREAT food and atmosphere and GREAT selection of microbrews!!read more
Roderick B.
15 minutes at the table, all we have is water...read more
Lori S.
Homemade Cream Soda, Root Beer and Beer,,,yummyread more
Adry C.
Good beer, pizza yum!!!. Really clean!read more
David R.
Love the food! We had the worst service!read more
Corina M.
Great Beer!!!!read more


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