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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Bob Evans Restaurants

Traditional American, Carry Out, Breakfast & Brunch

1369 Bristol Pike

(215) 633-0532


Caitlin S.
Me and my boyfriend went here because we just moved to the area a few months ago and he would not shut up about eating there. It was a Saturday night and...read more
Doreen L.
Took the half hour drive up to Bensalem from Philly to go to this Bob Evans, my favorite breakfast place ever that we are sorely missing in New York. As is...read more
Maratino S.
terrible...... Ordered the biscuit boat with sausage, eggs and potatoes and my boat look nothing like the picture, it was completely flat and kind of blah....read more
Jennifer L.
Ashley R is the best server - hands down! Friendly, quick, and knows the menu, front to back. Answered all my questions. I'll be coming back soon.read more
Paige R.
Everything is sweet enough to give you diabetes for the day.. And if u ask for iced coffee it already comes with 5 ounces of heavy creamread more
Mike P.
Best Breakfast, hands down! Service is very good. All waitresses/waiters are very nice and friendly. Great family restaurant.read more
Steve P.
To bad Lali couldnt b here lmaoread more
Karen D.
They have the best cappuccino's - yummread more
Steve P.
My little sister wishes she was here.........lmaoread more
Brittany R.
Slowest service ever!!!read more


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