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Bruno's Italian Restaurant

Italian, Restaurants, Breakfast & Brunch

1020 W San Marcos Blvd

(760) 744-7700


Sarah S.
"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amoreeee..." This place makes me feel like I stepped into a 1970s old school Italian diner. It's...read more
Amanda L.
I worked as a hostess here in 1986. My dad and the rest of the Vista City council would eat the buffet and Bruno and Maria were cooking in the back. To...read more
Deanna C.
CLOSED- Had researched Sunday Brunches to take a girlfriend for her birthday... They still had a web-page... tried calling at 10 No answer so I thought they...read more
Megan M.
Tuesday night special spaghetti and meat balls!!! To die for!read more
Joseph H.
Best tortellini I've had in a long time and they aren't skimpy with the portions.read more
Stephanie H.
If its your first time visiting beware of the pizza and calzone sizes....they're HUGE!read more
Miss K.
They smother the salad in dressing, ask for it on the side.read more
Sean L.
You have to stop by on Sunday for the brunch. All you can eat! They have amazing food!read more
Closed and didn't even give us a heads up.. bummerread more
LifeIcing.com P.
Try the lunch buffet!read more
James D.
Olive Oil pizza FTW!!read more
Megan M.
great food at a great price!read more
Megan M.
This place closed down bummer!read more
Delicious lunch Buffet for around 12 bucksread more
L S.
Saw darryl issa eat here for lunchread more
Meg S.
Try the Popeye Pizzaread more


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