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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Burger King

Fast Food, $, Carry Out

2580 Ridgeway Ave

(585) 227-2969


Cheryl H.
Thank you for having veggie burgers and a mellow atmosphere. Normally, I'm not a fast food burger fan. However, on our first visit during a hectic move, you...read more
Steph B.
Really awful service. There's always something wrong with the order and they're really slow.read more
Ashley R.
We were the only customers inside and the drive thru was slow. We waited almost 20 minutes for our food. This was not fast food and the order taker got our order wrongread more
Sean C.
Awesome customer service in drive thru. They even gave my puppy some chicken nuggets!read more
Ange D.
I'm in the drive thru for... 20 minutes now? I'd leave but it's a single lane.read more
Shannon R.
Really really slow.read more
Chris H.
The tightest single lane ever.read more
Jeffrey L.
Bathroom fairly clean I pooped in itread more
Bryan Y.
Stay away from artread more