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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Camino Real Restaurant

Mexican, Food

8650 Spicewood Springs Rd

(512) 335-5517


Phillip B.
One of the problems with Tex-Mex joints is that there are too many. Another problem is finding one that will satisfy you on all levels of demand, ie....read more
Mark E.
I really enjoyed this little joint. I attended Catherine T's UYE, and had the pleasure of hanging with the Witty Kitty herself, along with Joe C, Wes O,...read more
Wes O.
Wow, so Catherine T. set up a UYE here today. Despite getting an after-work nosh with an old high school friend, I couldn't let Catherine down and not show...read more
Michael M.
The food is amazing...always get their margaritas and their breakfast tacos are a steal....try the migas with Bacon.read more
Alicia J.
Hell yes cilantro overload if you ask nicelyread more
J Catherine T.
BEST Mexican martinis in town!read more
J Catherine T.
They close at 3pm on Sundays and Mondays.read more
J Catherine T.
Josie (shorter hair) is the best waitress.read more
Darrell D.
Freshest Salsa around...read more


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