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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Carnival Cruise Paradise

Steakhouse, Restaurants, Seafood

1126 Queens Hwy

(562) 432-6500

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Carrie N.
The food is always fresh. I am always a fan of this place. It has been here forever, they serve something for everyone. Excellent prixe fixe menu (1st...read more
Ryan K.
So me and the wife came here for our 14 year anniversary. The location and the restaurant itself is excellent. This is why I have 2 stars. From the moment...read more
K. C.
Nice location, nice wine selection, good service. The sushi however, is one of the best kept secrets in LBC. I'm a fan of the sashimi platter. The fish is...read more
Greg W.
Booze cruise. Take plastic bottles of booze in your luggage, mixers come with the ticket costread more
Marty G.
They checked my luggage and dumped my booz!!! I hate them!!read more
Brad D.
Remember to say "I'm on a boat" when checking in or you won't get your badge because foursquare is lameread more
Jason L.
Carry Champange on your carry on bag and your straight. If your smuggling other liquor be smart about it or it'll get dumped.read more
Ashley D.
Don't make out with any underage kids...just saying.read more
alex g.
These bastards took 2 bottles of liquor from us.... Good thing we were able to sneak some bottles on from Mexico! Ha!read more
Holly S.
Don't drop acid...while going through check inread more
Mike W.
Don't go, it's lame.read more
Alexis E.
Party on the deck!!read more
Pee on Mike Selleckread more
Alexis E.
Party in the deck!!!read more
Jeremy F.
Yo homeboy, I'm on a cruise.read more
The sing along with Kyle is good times!read more
Melissa F.
Ice tea no good .3 layer chic cake ISread more
Get puked on by a substandard member.read more
Ann C.
Great Trip :)read more


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