i.e: burger's, Italian, Mike's
New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Checkers Drive-In Restaurant

Traditional American, Carry Out, Burgers

900 W 8 Mile Rd

(248) 629-7361


Angela N.
Mmmmmmm... A chocolate shake and fries! The best!read more
Meghan W.
They saw me pull up 10 minutes early and opened up great customer service.read more
Tori T.
The HOEs that work here are thirsty! They want niggas to ask for they number!read more
Kenndra J.
They have no shakes. -_-read more
Dana E.
They are to slow here.read more
Ruth C.
Open 2 days nowread more
Ben C.
Yum yum yum yumread more
Brett K.
Yeah buddy!read more