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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chili's Grill & Bar

Traditional American, Mexican, $


(313) 271-2339


Krystal R.
So let me start with, Chili's is a chain restaurant and everything is usually the same no matter where you are in the country. Well, I used the bathroom...read more
Mike W.
Let me start with I was in Detroit from Pittsburgh. Staying at the hotel right next to this location. I was in my room doing work for two hours then wanted...read more
Scott E.
I wouldn't ordinarily eat at a Chili's, but it was 2:30 in the afternoon, I'd eaten nothing all day except a bagel for breakfast, I was without a car, the...read more
Kerri K.
Server knew nothing about Foursquare special. Make sure you show both the "special" screen & your check-in screen.read more
Amber H.
.....she would have to get someone to look at it. Nobody else came to the table and we never received the check in special.read more
Malind B.
If you are asked to wait for a long time to be seated in the main dining area, try the bar area, same menu, just taller chairs...read more
Amber H.
Horrible service today! We asked the waitress 3 times what happy hour was and still didn't get an answer. Had to ask someone else. I showed her the check in special on my phone and was told....read more
Roslyn C.
Service has room for improvement. I was ignored when entering, I waited to be greeted for several minutes.read more
Timothy B.
I thought the address was on Ford rd. and couldn't find it today during lunchread more
Jenny N.
Sherman was a great server!read more
Caroline F.
Great Resturant!!!read more
D W.
Wish they had good gluten free menuread more
Alana F.
I got my chips and salsa! A huge bowl! Lolread more
Alan M.
Manager recognized the check-in. Got my free chips and salsa.read more
Leah W.
Free chips and salsa with every check in :)read more
Avrom L.
Bad bad service!!read more


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