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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chili's Grill & Bar

Traditional American, Mexican, $

7408 S Sam Houston-Parkway W

(713) 721-8347


Eric G.
Was only able to claim either the free dessert OR chips and salsa. Booread more
James W.
Just got free chips and salsa for checking in. Score!read more
Tanga M.
Got my free chips but the service was bad!!read more
Hiawatha J.
Service sucks from hostess to check...I will not be back to this location.read more
I'm not sure if the waiter was new or nervous but he sucked...no one in our party was satisfied. One guy didn't even get his fries.read more
Cammessia M.
This location has the worst customer service! Host refused to speak;no eye contact,chose to goof off with Hispanic clientele only. Monday was promo day but weren't enough waiters.read more
Benjamin F.
Check-in @ Chili's & get free Chips & Salsa on every check-in! Simply show your server the screen after checking-in! Chili's servers, use coupon code #23 to redeem.read more
we never received our free chips and salsaread more
the staff is just too damn friendlyread more
Quaylen D.
The food was amazingread more
Shynolan R.
Service is sooo badread more
Patrick C.
Sheneva is the BEST!read more
Sharon H.
The service sucks here!read more
Marcy H.
A family favorite on the road.read more
Ardara H.
The service here is horrible!read more
Marcus F.
All Day Happy Hourread more


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