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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chili's Grill & Bar

Traditional American, Mexican, $


(608) 242-9300


Audrey F.
This Chili's looks like it has been freshly re-decorated. There is modern looking artwork on the walls, many high quality flat screens showing games, and...read more
Rick D.
Basically your standard run of the mill Chili's. The waitstaff is nice, but when they are in the kitchen they need to remember that their patron's can still...read more
Margie H.
Our experience was so bad that it cant be rated. The waiter shoved the silverware in my face when I asked for a straw,then when i started to give my order...read more
Matt K.
If you not super hungry get chips and the triple dipper app. It will fill you up for lessread more
Chelle R.
If you have food allergies, ask for the allergy list and they will give you a special menu....totally awesome!read more
Kayla A.
Lunch break menu is perfect. Cheap and good portions.. I always have leftovers still. Oh and loaded baked potato soup.... YUM.read more
Karin L.
Playing with the touchscreen games costs $0.99 and there's an option to donate to charities. Keep the screen out of kids reach if you don't want the charges, they can't or won't reverse the charges.read more
Bill D.
Austin is a terrible patronizing waiter! Ask for Rachel K. instead . She is the best!read more
Joe Z.
Avoid Sara and Cassie as servers if you're in a hurry. They're SLOW...read more
The crunchy shrimp tacos are good ;)read more
Tamara M.
Yuck. Not my favorite.read more
Dominique L.
I love the shrimp tacos they are the bestread more
Aaron E.
Chicken and green Chile soup...good stuffread more
Christina O.
The veggie fajitas are great! Ask for them; they're not on the menu.read more
Charlie V.
Order Baby Back, Baby Back Ribs with Shiner Bock BBQ sauce.read more
Irina F.
Very good ribs.read more


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