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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chili's Grill & Bar

Traditional American, Mexican, $


(215) 468-3757


Jeff C.
I bitched out by not parking in the take out only spot. :(read more
Team Y.
Having a delicious frozen strawberry margarita!read more
Jeff D.
I guess I will leave a good tip so they don't spit in my foodread more
Adam M.
Don't forget the special. Bathrooms are a wreck though, be ware.read more
Heather J.
Definitely check your takeout. Nicole is the ONLY one who gets anything right. Tonight was missing my sauces, and the totally wrong chicken order. It's really not rocket science to get it right folks.read more
Tommi A.
Check your food before you leave if your ordering take out. The portion sizes were ridiculously small, my shrimp were undercooked, they forgot my sauces- not going back.read more
Tahira S.
Presidente margarita and baby back ribs!read more
Laurel C.
Carribean salad! Yum yum yum delicioso!read more
John F.
Ask for Billy 'Bath Gates'read more
Mark S.
Get the 35$ specialread more
veronica j.
Love southwestern eggrollsread more
LyndaSelena S.
Shrimp Taco's are Gooooooooodread more
JoShaun G.
Sinead hooks up a LI ..... read more
Yon F.
DESERT !!!read more


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