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Chin's Asia Fresh

Asian, Restaurants, Chinese

11300 Wayzata Blvd.

(952) 345-5010


Jessica S.
Not authentic Asian cuisine but good for a quick, easy lunch. They cater to health-conscious customers and don't get irritated by special requests to...read more
Kristin F.
This is LeeAnn Chin with a bigger menu and made fresh for you. So, it is better than fast food LeeAnn Chin, but it is basically still fast food. I really...read more
Josh E.
I recently went here with one of my couch jumping buddies from Tonka. When I used to live in the apartments behind Dicks Sporting Goods, this was a Leann...read more
Heather T.
Totally just an expensive LeeAnn Chin's. not bad food, but more $ than I was expecting for a meal.read more
Jim W.
Try the Thai Peanut Lo Mein (with meat if you are feeling flush, without if you are broke) - most excellentread more
jenn s.
Had Thai curry noodles remade twice bc there was NO curry in the dish. They used teriyaki sauce. Made excuses & I still had to pay for it even though my dish took 3 tries and 30 mins. ??????????read more
Kristy L.
Try the sweet and sour chicken... compared to leann chin it's worth the extra $2.read more
Joe T.
Fire cracker noodles or the sesame chicken, tough choice. Why not have both?read more
Philip R.
It's a low quality Pei Wei copycat.read more
Rob S.
This food is gross. Won't be back.read more
Luke B.
Don't get the pad thai: way too sweet...read more
Daniel H.
Double your meat for under $2! Yeah, boyyy!read more
Ryan S.
If you enjoy boring bland food then you'll love this little slice of hell!read more
Arianna V.
Person working behind the counter is an idiotread more
Angelina M.
Join the club!!!read more


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