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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Mexican, Carry Out, $

1715 N. Town East Blvd.

(972) 686-9078


Judith C.
I LOVE Chipotle. I'm just rating this location which has to have the worst customer service I've experienced. I don't mind the long lines as much as I...read more
Crystal M.
If you place online orders expect the opposite orders (3X), rude service, and for them to remake your food after a 15 minute drive back and 10 minute wait!...read more
Rodolfo G.
I love, LOVE, their bowls & salad. Chipotle is definitely one of those places that always has fresh tasting food! I love the way they season their chicken,...read more
Daniel H.
Try going early or late to avoid the lunch rush, but the food here is just as good as any Chipotle. Go steak!read more
Zurik P.
Ordering from you smartphone or online can save u a long wait in the line.read more
Jeremy D.
They did not honor the check in special of free chip with your order. They said u had to print it out. Never heard of that!!!!!!read more
Jon M.
Give yourself an extra five or 10 minutes if you're coming on a lunch break. Not because of the crowds, but because the staff is the slowest I've ever seen.read more
Daniel B.
greatest food ever!!!!!!!!!dubyadubyadubyadotchipotledotcomread more
Matthew B.
Kids cheese quesadilla for $1.25. But don't add 1/4 scoop of black beans to it: they'll charge $2.30 and call it single veggie taco.read more
kevin m.
Try the fajita burrito and chips and salsa. Or the Bowls.read more
Alan G.
I wanted Freebirds, but this will doread more
They are right about long lines!read more
Jacob F.
The Patriots suck!read more
Jim R.
Try the chicken tacos, they're awesome!read more
Valerie S.
We survived Bush. U will survive Obama!read more
Rochelle F.
I always get guacamole in a cup and chips with my order.read more
You can't go wrong when you choose the Veg. option here.read more
Hannah A.
Line is sometimes long so I order online... Much faster!read more
Laquita H.
Again? Cuz I can.read more


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