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Chipotle Mexican Grill

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3900 Hillsboro Pike

(615) 292-9199


Tran T.
I always come here for a quick lunch or dinner after work. I usually order the rice bowl or salad with chicken. I tried beef before and it wasn't that...read more
Ryan P.
Very tasty (and very fast if you do it right). It's hard not to get the Barbacoa here, be sure to try the other options and go "naked" if you want to keep...read more
Sarah S.
I really like Chipotle and their competitor Qdoba. It's a great fast place to get healthy (if you want) food that is really tasty. My one complaint about...read more
James K.
Park in front & block the alley if you are a retard! You know who you are you lazy bastards!!read more
Brooks T.
Great place for food that hasn't been pumped full of hormones, anti biotics, and chemicalsread more
Justin B.
Ask for a cup of the salad dressing and pour a little on each bite of your burritoread more
Justin B.
Ask for a side of salad dressing and pour a little on each bite of your burritoread more
Stephanie D.
Steak Salad is AMAZING! Chips are salty (in a good way) and have a hint of lime. Just great!read more
anything on the menu with a combination of their mild and hott salsa is great. Add some lemon for good flavor and for the liver.read more
Liz G.
If you're getting a burrito, ask for them to make a cheese quesadilla with two soft tortillas and then to use the quesadilla as the wrap for the burrito. It's next level status.read more
Caitlin M.
Two girls can totally split a bowl easily - I split with my sister all the time! Get some chips to share and you'll be full and happy :)read more
Shelby B.
Ask for a quesarito. It's not on the menu ;) a huge burrito. You're welcomeread more
Adam A.
Chicken burrito bowl, no rice, both kinds of beans, fajita veg, pico, hot salsa, guac, lettuce. You're welcome.read more
The Fabulous Ellen G.
They are working toward completely phasing out genetically modified foods.read more
Brenda M.
Try the chips and bowl of chicken and rice!!yum yumread more
Ryan P.
Get here at 11:45 instead of noon. You'll thank me.read more
Jason C.
Two soft tacos make the perfect lunch.read more
Melissa M.
Eleanor N. likes the Chicken Burrito!read more
Amit J.
Try the burrito bowl!read more
Michael H.
Make sure to add peppers and onions to your burrito.read more
Tyler J.
The service here is great! Everyone is always so friendly!read more
Lindsay H.
Very good and fresh. Get the bowl the burritos tend to fall apartread more
Tara C.
Burritos are good but messy! Grab lots of napkins and a fork. ;)read more
Sarah W.
They never fully cook their brown rice. Get white rice instead.read more
Suzanne S.
You have to ask for cilantro. They don't keep it on the line.read more
Suzanne S.
Brown rice! Do it.read more


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