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Chipotle Mexican Grill

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1360 Mt Hope Ave

(585) 473-3611


Felix J.
I'm not writing a review of the food. It's Chipotle: it tastes the same wherever you order it. I'm writing a review of the service at this particular...read more
Katrina S.
Damn I love chipotle lol burrito... And they accommodate my plain rice since I think they put entirely TOO MUCH CILANTRO in their rice which I simply just...read more
Hope C.
I'm not sure why I feel woefully apologetic about salivating at the thought of a chicken burrito bowl with black beans, sour cream, guac and hot salsa. I...read more
Just asked, her name is déjà, or something awesome like that. I have no idea how to spell it. Anyway, she rocks.read more
I'm here a lot, and always get both the mild and medium salsas... The hot is a bit too acidic. Plus, getting a salad is a nice way to go low-carb.read more
Shout out to all the awesome employees here and dealing with customer service in this mess. Especially the lady who let me lemon wedges when they were out. She's my hero.read more
I have to remember this place closes at 10! Construction's a bother, but worth it.read more
Tia M.
I'm a meat eater but I love the veggie bowl. Deliciousread more
Contina R.
Parking is crazy at lunchtime!read more
Jeane D.
CARNITAS... the BEST!!read more
Nicholas L.
Put a lemon wedge in your drink :)read more
Rivzzz 💋
Do not recommend the brown rice. Blegh.read more
Colleen O.
Online ordering rocks!! No standing in a long line!read more
jords g.
Don't resist the urge to sing with the music!read more
Robert K.
Be prepared to dance.read more


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