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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Mexican, Carry Out, Burritos

640 Jefferson Rd

(585) 424-1444


Manoj P.
A very good place. The service is fantastic and quick. The food tastes outstanding. It's moderately priced. The ambience is good. I would recommend this...read more
Barbara A.
Holy cow do I love Chipotles! Quick, fresh, and reasonably priced: the perfect trifecta! Vegan and carnivore-lovers can sit side-by-side and chow down like...read more
Kimberly J.
If you think Chipotle is expensive, you can always go to Taco Bell down the road. Or you can go to dirty Moe's. Just sayin'. Have you watched them making...read more
Jarad S.
Nothing like celebrating the start of the weekend with a Steak Fajita Burrito!! Mmmm.read more
Mohit S.
Guacamole makes it more delicious. Always pay extra for guacamole if you have to.read more
Nicole H.
Ridiculous effing prices... I mean SERIOUSLY ridiculous. But barbacoa=loveread more
anthony a.
Best staff ever dealt with. and there bomb ass burritos!!!!! Yummmmmread more
Fatima R.
This is the best chipotle in town the other two (monroe and mt. hope) ones...hit or missread more
Anthony S.
make sure you stop at your local grocery store on the way home and pick up some toilet paper. your going to need it :)read more
Kristen A.
Because they make everything fresh the best time to go is near closing, because they will load up everything bigger and badder, unless it was a busy day and it could be slim pickins'.read more
Kalyna D.
South Beach goodness: burrito bowl with....black beans, fajitas, meat of choice (mine is steak), tomato and corn salsas, and a little cheeseread more
Mike Spoons
First time ever eating here and the food and chips were OUTSTANDING!read more
Laura C.
Worst service ever. Way too slow, no clue whose food was whose and can't even roll burritos right.read more
Corey L.
Come here after a long day of classes and let the stress loose with a steak burrito bowl.read more
Jason C.
Tomatillo green chili is amazing. Especially with chicken fajita.read more
Rodney S.
My wife loves the burrito bowlread more
Rivzzz 💋
The price of guacamole is ludacrisread more
Kennedy K.
AWESOME. Had a steak burritoread more
Laura K.
Beans are not vegetarian :(read more
Kevin C.
Steak fajita burrito!!!!read more
Try chips and hot salsa. Best ever!!read more
Luke W.
Definitely go with the barbados burritoread more
keelyn n.
Get a burrito so huge, they have to double wrap it.read more
Tom N.
Get the bowl and use a fork instead of picking up a burrito!read more
Trevor W.
Barbacoa Burrito! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....read more
Joe J.
Chicken burrito bowl is only 14 WW points!read more
Erin G.
Black beans are vegetarian. Pinto aren't.read more
Bre R.
Vegetarian options!read more


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