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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

CiCi's Pizza

Pizza, $, Buffet

4750 N. Jupiter Rd.

(972) 414-5600


Angie R.
We love this location. We dine here at least once a week. Herbert is our favorite manager/employee. When we walk in the door he is already putting our...read more
Persia A.
This particular CiCi's Pizza was the nicest one I've been to. That doesn't actually say much, but it's a fast-food pizza place, so you mustn't expect a lot...read more
Kelly P.
I came in today at 3:30pm with my kids, this place is suck, no pizzas at the buffet everything went out. Even the soup , I asked for the soup the lady said...read more
Tim H.
If the Buffett is running out of pizza or they don't serve your taste, order it from the staff at no extra charge. I usually order the classic chicken!read more
CiCi's Pizza
Have a special request? Can we make you you're favorite pizza? JUST ASKread more
Foster D.
There to lazy to let u use ur foursquare couponsread more
Yuri B.
Starting to develop a funky odor....like a chuck e cheeseread more
Rob R.
I hope they bring the Coca-Cola Freedom machine back someday.read more
Spencer B.
Try the pizza, its fantastic!read more


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