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Cinnamon's Restaurant

Breakfast, Breakfast & Brunch, American

315 Uluniu St

(808) 261-8724


Andrew T.
I'm now a fan. Despite the fact that for some reason I hate the name. "Cinnamon's" sounds to me like the stripper with a heart of gold who finally quit...read more
Rob S.
I am a HUGE Fan of Cinnamons - went there years ago - and went back recently and it is the same - except that they now have a courtyard for eating - part...read more
Tess E.
What took me so long? I've heard about this place for years but it's just recently that I finally tried this place after a morning hike. I'll make this...read more
Manny L.
Try the pancakes - Red velvet, Carrot cake, Banana, Guava Chantilly & corn with Blueberries. (via @Foodspotting)read more
Maybs M.
Underdogs that deserve light: Crabcake Benedict, loco moco, guava chiffon pancakes. The red velvet pancakes are overrated.read more
John S.
The red velvet pancakes are delicious! Two pancakes was more than enough for me, they are pretty large!read more
Stacy P.
Red velvet pancakes, guava chiffon pancakes and macadamia nut honey blossom butter is to die for!read more
Nathan K.
Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict is a delicious change of pace from the original. Definitely a must try!read more
Carmen A.
red velvet pancakes were so yummy. mopped that. haha. also had the traditional eggs bene. was good!!! good food, fast service!!!read more
Jeremy H.
This place is always packed, but it is worth it. Try one of their amazing eggs Benedict plates. The guava pancakes are also amazing.read more
Jeremy Anne C.
The food better be good. I haven't even started eating and I'm already turned off. The server took 12 min until she said something to us. 15 min and I still don't have water. That should be standard.read more
Try Guava chiffon or Red Velvet pancakes and the crab-cake eggs benedict. This is another Kailua favorite that is well-worth the wait. -The Perfect Weekend, April 2012read more
メニューは待ってる間に貸してもらえる。細かい注釈を読むとかなりカスタマイズができることがわかる。例えば、バターミルクパンケーキ付きのメニューはプラス2$少々で、すべて他のパンケーキに変えることが可能。理想の朝食を♪read more
Tanya D.
Best breakfast on Oahu!! Omelets are out of control! TRY THE GUAVA CHIFFON PANCAKES!read more
Crab cakes with hollandaise sauce is super good. Red velvet pancakes are so moist they stick to the roof of your mouth. Great Korean chicken, too.read more
Amber M.
Must try- special of the day pancakes. Banana & Guava Chiffon are ones to try! Add a single one to your meal (S.A.N.D. is my fave) or try one of each. Their frittata is def worth ordering too.read more
Bernard G.
Velvet & Guava Chiffon pancakes, Kulua pork omlette and Crabcake eggs benedict...read more
Michael F.
They offer free coffee while you wait.read more
Mel N.
The Guava Chiffon Pancakes are amazing!read more
Manny L.
If you order two pancakes, ask for two types.read more
Natsu K.
The eggs benedict here are to die for!read more
Sharelle C.
Guava pancakes > red velvet pancakesread more
chris c.
Red velvet pancakes this week!read more
Malia H.
eggs Benedict with cheesy friesread more
Urban G.
Crabcakes Eggs Benedict is soooooo awesome !!!!read more
Charli E.
OMG! The red velvet pancakes are sooooo awesome!read more
呼び出しにポケベル的なものを渡されるので安心。read more
the guava chiffon pancakes are 1 million times better than the red velvs.read more
France U.
Guava chiffon pancakes n crabcake eggs benedict is so ono!read more
Candace K.
Is it worth it to come early or is the line always long?read more
Rob B.
Try the guava chiffon pancakes (via @Foodspotting)read more
Kevin U.
Try the red velvet pancakes! The coffee is ono, too!read more
Malia H.
red velvet pancakesread more


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