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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Pizza, Carry Out, Grocery

8810 Tampa Ave.

(818) 772-0494

Bryan E.
Costco, Saturday, at 10:00 a.m., is the worst freakin parking that I've had to endure. I usually try to go during the weekdays, but unfortunately (no, I...read more
T Y.
Costco is great. No problems with returns. Always good prices. The meat department is great. Great steaks and we got some ribs that were already cooked but...read more
Robert G.
I can NOT get enough of Costco, so much so that my co-worker and I come here to peruse on our lunch break with no necessary reason to. Buy in Bulk, save...read more
Divya V.
Go on a Thursday. Less crowds, small lines and good stock of new products.read more
Madam F.
Waiting in long line for Beef Polish Sausage Hot Dog w/ Soda $1.50+taxread more
Stephanie S.
Combo pizza + Churro or hand dipped ice cream bar = fat & happyread more
Curt B.
The $1.50 1/4lb hotdog and 20 Oz Soda is the best deal everread more
John B.
You can pick one of those things up for 10 cents on the dollar at almost any garage sale.read more
Donna S.
Worth the membership just for the gasoline, which is 20 cents less than anywhere else in the neighborhood.read more
Darrin D.
Def worth the membership for the year. I recommend, and do myself, upgrade to Exec. Mbrshp. $100/yr, but you get 2% cash back at end of year. Earn on EVERYTHING but gas! RXs, Contact lenses, BOOZE!!!read more
Patti A.
Why is it always more crowded the first few days of their coupon promo? It isn't like they're going to run out ?!read more
Juan E.
Love there pizza and its bigger than the one in canogaread more
Spinach salad with poppyseed dressing & Rotisserie chicken is a great meal for a good price!read more
Samantha H.
Come on. What's better then $1.50 hot dog lunch!!!read more
Weekly shopping...ugghhread more
Stephanie S.
Monique is hot! O_Oread more
Jerry S.
Best pizza around!!read more
Joseph E.
Eat a churro. Or 5.read more
Jimmy S.
75 cents 20 oz bottles, what a dealread more
Lori P.
Chicken bake is awesome & only $2.99read more
Curt B.
The hot dog and drink combo $1.50. Can't beat itread more
Stan G.
Can't beat a 2 dollar lunch!! love them hot dogs!read more
Diego G.
Dipped ice cream bars with almonds. Amazing!read more
Eric W.
Be careful its a total friggin zoo on sundaysread more
Mélanie 🌸.
$1.50 hot dog and soda combo....yea buddyread more
eddie t.
buy in bulkread more


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