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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Crepes Mille

French, Restaurants, Food Truck

100-198 Gibson St W

(512) 919-2416


Megan G.
Disappointed. After a day walking around soco, a nice sweet crepe was exactly what I wanted to indulge in. I ordered a Nutella crepe with ice cream - how...read more
Phil D.
FYI their hours are completely inaccurate. You will never find this place open when you want it to be. Having said that, maybe I got lucky, but I had two...read more
Rachel L.
Just ok..... Now, I'm a self proclaimed foodie and by no means an authority. I just LOVE everything food! Especially, tasty morales that be found on the...read more
Serious Eats
try the pork floss crepe, seemingly modeled after the rousong stuffed buns of Singapore, filled with finely shredded sweet dried pork, mayonnaise, and Sriracha sauce.read more
Layla F.
My favorite restaurant in Austin hands down. Nice shady trailer on South Congress -- lovely owner and great people watching. I eat the Pork Floss crepe and Sticky Rice with Mango crepe weekly.read more
Kate E.
Owner is amazingly nice and the bbq beef brisket with chipotle sauce is phenomenal!read more
Kristin C.
Pretty good but not worth the price and DEFINITELY not worth the waitread more
Kaley P.
Mixes berry and cream cheese crepe? Hellz yeah!read more
Crepe Benedict. You heard me. Crepe Benedict.read more
BrandyJo M.
Cash only, but there is an ATM machine 5 feet from the trailer.read more
Lynae H.
Be prepared to wait. this place is EXTRA SUPER slow....but good.read more
Erik V.
Crepe Benedict and the Berry Delight are a perfect breakfast combo!read more
Darwin N.
very tasty pork floss crepe!read more


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