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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


African, Ethiopian, Dive Bar

4708 Baltimore Ave.

(215) 726-6464

Matt W.
The food was good, the Chicken fell off the bone, the mixed vegetable dish was great especially to eat with the hands, the cous cous was however dry and...read more
Jay W.
This was my first time for ethiopian food, and I will absolutely be back. There are some things that I would have done a bit differently that I'll have to...read more
Lauren C.
Behold: The Path To The Hiddenest Of Hidden Gems. Enter via the front door of Dahlak. (So far so good.) Walk to the desk; turn left. Keep walking....read more
Lori Z.
Eat with your hands. Get over yourself. It is delicious. Also a great outdoor backyard when the weather is good.read more
Alex S.
Now every third Sunday at Dahlak (march 18th next) & at Queen of Sheba every first Sunday starting April 1st!read more
Alex S.
Tuesday Nights are the Costume Karaoke Dance Party, with $2 drinks til midnight and all the songs you can sing from 9 til 2read more
Alex S.
$50 prize and more for second and third, every other Sunday! All types of performers welcome! Info: comedy.thunderkaraoke.comread more
Alex S.
Third Sundays at Dahlak (March 18th next), and at Queen Of Sheba every first Sunday starting April 1st!read more
Make sure to wash your hands. Utensils do not arrive until dessert (if ordered) and meals are eaten with your hands. Opt for the dinner special. It is an appetizer with 3 entree choices & dessert.read more
Foobooz Philadelphia
End your Baltimore Avenue stroll with mesob and tibs served in a comforting, friendly atmosphere.read more
Alex S.
Check in to sing right away!read more
Jimmy L.
Ethiopian Food done right.read more
Carolanne M.
Best karaoke in the world?read more
Chris C.
The outdoor/backyard patio is the place to beread more
favorites: yedoro watt (spicy chicken), potato salad, tomato salad.read more
Dirty G.
Best potato salad I have ever had. Wonderful dive bar and patio in the back.read more
Alex S.
Tuesdays $2 drinks til midnight and a Karaoke Dance Party from 9 til 2!read more
Chris C.
Vegetarian tibs!read more


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