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New York, NY | Soho, NYC


Breakfast, American, Diner

600 Carson Plaza Dr.

(310) 532-6106


Amber R.
I usually AVOID Denny's like the plague...its never a first choice for me. Or a second...or any for that matter. This was the ONLY place open and near to...read more
Edgar C.
Worst Denny's you will ever go to. There is literally a bar connected to a family restaurant. I don't think you guys understand. THERE IS A BAR CONNECTED...read more
Eder P.
So I get here like at 1AM. The parking lot was full and I was expecting a long wait time. Inside was empty though. After being sat down fairly quickly, I...read more
Gregory D.
Go on the bar side and enjoy the music and reasonable drinks. "Strong drinks!"read more
Gregory D.
Get the purple haze from janread more
Bolt V.
Never come here! The food was horrid, the service shitty and the head looked like third-world shithouse.read more
Brittanai H.
Chill place to study. And say hi to my mom. Club Denny's is her spot lolread more
K B.
Pumpkin pancakes and grits. Who would of thought they would be good and fill you up!read more
Taylor F.
At any dennys get the build your own slamread more
ghetto, fake ass Denny's. the walls opens upread more
Rudy M.
Its no black bear diner but it'll do in a pinchread more
Brian K.
The service here is the WORST! And attitude to boot. Avoid.read more
Tiffany P.
Slamburger is the best no cheese sauce add grilled onions, yum!read more
i dont even know how this place is still open.: Hoping to have some sort of comfort food my boyfriend and I decided to come to this dennys since it was the only one nearby..the hostess looked at us like we were the black plague and rushed us to a dirty table, slammed the sticky plastic…read more
Known for its breakfasts, this diner chain slings all-American grub and bottomless cups of coffee.: In Short
With its kid-friendly vibe, booth seating and late-night hours (most stores are open 24 hours), Denny's draws night owls, seniors and families with kids. The menu sticks to classic American staples: wings, chicken…read more
My favorite Denny's Restaurant: Excellent service - the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable, worked fast & hard trying to please. Unless you ask for an alcoholic beverage or go to the bar area, staff won't intrude alcohol offerings on you. The bar area is kept…read more
Denny's: I went to this denny's once....well once when I actually stayed there. Next to this denny's there is some kind of cocktail club/bar. When I was here, there were so many drunk people they were disturbing customers and being loud. The…read more
Dennys has long been a perfect restaurant for family dining. Their relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and fair prices attract hungry families for bre...read more
The Extras: On a diet? Check out the Carb-Watch and Fit Fare menus, featuring omelettes, bunless burgers, grilled chicken, roast turkey and more.read more
Save Money: Seniors and kids each have their own specially priced menu.read more


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