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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Dino's Pizza

Italian, Chicken, Seafood

7004 W Higgins Ave

(773) 918-2797


Jason H.
Great pizza place. Great service and wonderful staff. Christine was our server. she was wonderful with a personality. Very cute as a bonus.read more
Chris D.
I grew up eating at this place. I also lived in the neighborhood half of my life. While both are stale and out of date, Dino's is an atrocity against the...read more
Sara H.
Ordered from here today for the first time. Wish I could share details about the pizza, but after waiting TWO HOURS for a delivery I decided to cancel....read more
Brian N.
Here is Dino's website where you can register for the month drawing for a pizza party.read more
Bobby L.
Large Stuffed Spinach and an order of BAKED CLAMS.....nuff saidread more
Jj S.
Try the taco pizza, a great taste and yummy toppingsread more
Brian N.
There are 2 bars. Dino's East and Dino's West.read more
Kevin M.
There is nothing better then their homemade soups. And the Italian dinners are excellent!read more
tom g.
The bathroom had smarties on the floor! Even though I was excited, I left it for a kid to find and eat! Yum!read more
Craig R.
Really pissed asked for pizza to be cut like a pie and it wasn't there solution to the problem was I could purchase another pizza that would be cut the right way at half off. Great place!! Notread more
Brian C.
try the pineapple bacon pizza. sooo divine. or pineapple alone. their sauce with the pineapple juice makes it heaven for some reason.read more
Jj S.
Great place for great pizza and daily specialsread more
Aimee B.
Their pizza is the best i have ever eaten. Period. Would order it for every poker night with friends.read more
Kevin M.
Also, their pesto is out of this world.read more
tom g.
Stale bread served hereread more
Krzysztof S.
best pizza in the world :)read more
Alina G.
The best pizza around!read more
Brian N.
Dino's on Facebookread more
Andrea S.
Listen 2 musicread more
Jj S.
Try the Dino bomb itsawesomeread more
Jeffrey C.
The BEST thin crust pizza!!!!read more
Ashley B.
Omg. The stuffed pizza is amazing!read more
tom g.
Drunk people spray silly string on youread more
Brian N.
BLT pizza is a customer favorite.read more
Lee K.
Kup liked the italian beef hereread more
Stephan W.
The BLT pizza is phenomenal...read more
Jj S.
Try the dinread more


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