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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

Dosa Hutt

Indian, Vegetarian

45-63 Bowne St

(718) 961-5897

Tejash P.
I have been going to this place at least once in 2-3 weeks after one of my friend's visiting from South Georgia took me for dinner for the first time to...read more
Kwiri Y.
About 35 min subway ride from Manhattan right in Flushing. Easy to find, clean decor with very friendly staff. Mostly, I love the fact that the restaurant...read more
Sara S.
1 star less because the sambar wasn't good. Too bland and tasteless. Other than that, the masala dosas were perfectly crispy without being overdone or burnt...read more
Michael C.
Super yummy dosa. Don't be afraid to ask for some help from the guys behind the counter if you don't know what to order, they are super nice.read more
Village Voice
My favorites at this strictly vegetarian (and mainly vegan) spot include the butter masala dosa dripping with ghee, and uppma, a creamy porridge studded with nuts, kari leaves, and black mustard seedsread more
Queens Museum
#StaffPick Diya (New Media): The dosas taste like being in a South Indian dabba. Try the Masala Dosa for some real Indian spice. And when you're finished, take a stroll through the temple next door.read more
Very authentic Indian food. Once you try their masala chai (aka chai tea,) you will never look at chai tea latte the same ever again.read more
Arjun S.
Mysore Masala Dosa is unbelievable. Crispy. Stuffed. Spicy. The trifecta of South Indian cuisine.read more
Lassi, idli, vada are the best here.read more
Sneha A.
Best Dosa Best Price in Queens!read more
Ray L.
Mango lassi is like crack. Highly addictive.read more
💥💱Ashwin D.
Don't listen to Anthony Bourdain, come here instead.read more
Natasha P.
Best dosas ever! Don't forget to try the mango lassi and Sambhar!read more
Moses C.
Vegetarian Indian. Not bad!read more


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