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New York, NY | Soho, NYC

East Ridge Diner

New American, Greek, Diners

765 E Ridge Rd

(585) 413-1786


Joley B.
This is a decent diner we like to go to when we're not in the mood to cook. It's basically your typical diner, but they do do steak. I'm not a steak eater...read more
Rich K.
This diner is definitely not $$$. We went to this place two evenings in a row. The first night, the experience was really good. Food was good and...read more
Jack P.
Another great experience. Much better than anything else in the area. Always handle my special orders without complaint. Give it a try.read more
Rachel S.
food is what it is not supposed to be 5 star if you want that go to a 5 star place. Dana is an awesome serverread more
Ray S.
Not impressed with the food here. It wasn't bad, but there are definitely much better diners in town.read more
More then likely the negative comments are from people from the other place because my service has always been great and so has the food.read more
Jack P.
Every experience I have had here has been fine. Great value, service, & food. It isn't super hipster, just honest good food at a fair price.read more
Katie F.
I don't know who I had last night but our waitress was SO rude! She didn't check on my mine or my moms food to see if everything was okay, & she forgot our to-go order for my brother!read more
Justin H.
Spent just about $26 just on me. Kerry was server and fucked up part of order after 20% tip. Will see if management really cares b4 work. * she had a table of 1 guy and 3 bitches. Not bust at allread more
John M.
If you are looking fir a meat lovers omelet do not get it here there is more of a bacon loversread more
Katie F.
Our waitress made a snide remark when I asked her if I could have a side salad instead of fries, and she was skimpy on the water & napkins. I've never had a bad waitress here until last night.read more
Emily D.
Horrible breakfast, kraft singles for the cheese, canned mushrooms.... Will never go back...read more
Jamie L.
Food is always good! Friendly service.read more
Isandra O.
I waited for my order foreverrrrrrr!read more
First time here. Will be our last.read more
Allie M.
Food Sucks! Service is worse!read more
They don't split checks after a certain time!!read more
Shawna W.
Good food, and awesome service. Walter rocks! :)read more
John R.
The service was super slow and my medium rare burger was well done. Not impressed.read more
Jamie L.
Seafood plater, fish fry and fries are great! Julian salad big and tasty tooread more
Robert B.
Food and service were good. Place very clean. Will come back again.read more
Gerardo D.
Food was not so good. Hash brown were burn. Would not recommendedread more
Nick G.
Gratuitous tile abuse.read more


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